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Student Success Programs

Annual Report

Image showing students gathered in a crowd next to Purdue Pete at Boiler Gold Rush 2023

A Message From Our Director

Dan Carpenter
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success Innovations

Thank you for taking the time to read the Student Success Programs 2022-23 Annual Report, which summarizes our work — in collaboration with all of you — to support the success of Purdue students over the past year.

Nearly all of Purdue’s undergraduate students participate in at least one Student Success program, and many participate in more than one. Though our programs vary in scope and audience, our interconnected departments share a central mission of helping these students maximize their potential at Purdue.

Many members of our department are committed to and involved with the successful launch of Purdue University in Indianapolis. We look forward to working with you to serve students at this new location.

I am immensely proud of the team behind this work. They have done it exceptionally well while retaining their focus on continuous improvement. I am proud to share this summary and wish to express my appreciation for the opportunity to work with all of you toward mutual goals.

Meet our

staff members:

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students



Student Success Programs expands services to Indianapolis; Chris Krull named inaugural director of Teaching and Learning Programs

Before Chris Krull transitioned to a career in academia in 2005, she worked as a human resources consultant specializing in helping people take their next steps.

That theme persisted when she started teaching at IUPUI as an adjunct faculty member, later joining the school full-time through a grant and focusing on competency-based education and an HR management certificate program.

Pictured: Chris Krull, inaugural Director of Teaching and Learning in Indianapolis

As Purdue prepares to make its next giant leap with a fully integrated extension of its flagship campus in Indianapolis, Krull is well-equipped to help lead the way. As the inaugural director of Teaching and Learning Programs at Purdue in Indianapolis, Krull is committed to ensuring that students are well-supported as they take the next steps toward their goals.

“The work we’re doing now to prepare for the July 1 launch of Purdue in Indianapolis ties into my work in HR, recruitment, employee development and helping people make their next step,” shares Krull, whose preceding title was assistant dean for Career and Student Success of the College of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. “In an academic context, we’re figuring out what pieces need to be in place so we can support our incoming and our continuing students to reach the next level.”

Pictured: Future Purdue University in Indianapolis students walk around downtown Indianapolis

Jenna Rickus, Purdue’s vice provost for Teaching and Learning, says Krull stood out from the beginning as an engaged, collaborative and student-centered partner.

“She quickly became our go-to person for administrators in West Lafayette who were learning the landscape of the pre-programs at IUPUI,” Rickus says. “I found myself repeatedly going to Chris, and she was an effective communicator and liaison to the rest of the community — faculty, staff and students alike — at IUPUI. She was an obvious leader and point-person for our realignment, integration and re-envisioning of the Purdue in Indianapolis location.”.

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Veteran and Military Success Center rededicated in honor of Dorothy C. Stratton

When Morgan Gamble became director of Purdue’s Veterans Success Center in 2022, she noticed that some of the military-connected students served by the center would study outside the space. When she asked them why, the response was often the same.

“There are so many different definitions and interpretations of the word ‘veteran’ that some students were self-filtering out of support because they didn’t realize this space was for them,” Gamble says, adding that she remembers having a similar feeling as a military-connected Purdue student. “Our data show that we serve a much broader audience, so we started looking for ways to reiterate a message of inclusivity. We wanted to make clear that the space was meant for all military-connected students, including family members, regardless of whether they identify as a veteran.”

This is what led Gamble and her team to rename the center, a proposal approved in October by Purdue’s Board of Trustees. Gamble and her team are inviting the Purdue community to help celebrate the renaming and space dedication of the center, which will now be known as the Dorothy Stratton Veteran and Military Success Center (VMSC). The new name pays homage to Stratton’s legacy and leadership to Purdue and the nation.

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students with registered testing accommodations


total accommodated exams administered in 2023


unique students with exams proctored by PTS

Purdue Testing Center and DRC Accommodated Testing merge to create "Purdue Testing Services"

Testing services previously provided by the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and the Purdue Testing Center have merged to form a new unit — Purdue Testing Services (PTS), effective May 2023. PTS will serve as a consolidated location for a variety of testing services at Purdue including accommodated testing, advanced credit exams, PRAXIS, GRE, and more.

Pictured: Purdue Testing Services staff stand in the doorway of their office space

Kelsey Jordan, who was recently promoted to be the inaugural PTS director, says the change is preceded by years of growth seen by both testing centers. The goal of this new unit is to streamline processes while improving the quality of service to the campus community.

“With the merger, our goal is to offer all Purdue testing services from a central location so students and faculty don’t have to search to find help,” Jordan says. “We're growing, and we're exploring what other services we can expand, too.”

Jordan, who has worked in testing at Purdue for more than 10 years, shares that PTS will continue to provide accommodated exam proctoring for faculty by request.

Pictured: (from left to right) Bahiyyih Baker, Maddie Kitner, Heather Johnson, Kelsey Jordan

“Everyone at Purdue plays a role in providing an accessible experience for students,” Jordan says. “Our office is just one resource faculty can utilize when providing accommodations to students.”

As for changes, there are very few that will affect students, staff and faculty. The office location has expanded to include both Stewart Center offices, Rooms G39 and G59. Students will still need to fill out an Accommodation Request Form and work with the to discuss possible testing accommodations.


Disability Resource Center welcomes new director, Mandie Greiwe

Mandie Greiwe, a visionary leader with a deep-rooted connection to Purdue University, has assumed the role of director of the Disability Resource Center (DRC), ushering in a new era of accessibility and inclusion for students at Purdue’s West Lafayette and Indianapolis locations.

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students

Pictured: Headshot of new DRC director, Mandie Greiwe

Driven by an unwavering passion for disability support, Greiwe envisions Purdue as a national trailblazer in student accessibility. "Purdue has the potential to be a leader in accessibility across the country, and I want to lead that charge," shares Greiwe. With her wealth of experience and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, Greiwe seeks to transform Purdue into a beacon of accessibility.

"My hope is that Purdue continues to showcase disability access as a priority," she shares. Recognizing that accessibility is a collective responsibility, one of her paramount goals is to collaborate closely with campus partners to instill a comprehensive understanding of their roles in promoting student access.

"This work allows us the opportunity to engage with people from all areas of campus and continue to grow and flourish with those around us," she remarks.

In Greiwe, the DRC has found a director whose deep ties to the institution coupled with a fervent commitment to accessibility promise a future where everyone at Purdue plays a vital role in shaping a truly inclusive and accessible community. Under her guidance, the DRC is poised to lead the way, setting an example for higher education institutions nationwide.

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Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students


More Featured Stories

Student Success Programs boost access to study abroad experiences

Ask many alumni, and they’ll tell you studying abroad was a quintessential part of their college experience. A trip to Ecuador that tested their second language skills. A semester in Singapore that expanded their cultural understanding.

Though beloved by many, study abroad programs often come with barriers that keep some students from participating. That’s why Student Success Programs such as the Disability Resource Center, Horizons, and Purdue Promise are working to give more Boilermakers better access to these once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities.

As a little boy, David Kopp was obsessed with anything with wheels. He spent hours driving his toy cars and buses around the living room floor. His imaginary train station always ran smoothly, inspired by his hometown of Chicago’s “L” train, which he was always excited to hear rumbling on its elevated track or churning far below the crowded city streets.

As he grew older, Kopp’s childhood hobby evolved into an all-encompassing appreciation for public transportation and the infrastructure that makes it possible. That’s why the decision to study civil engineering at Purdue was an easy one to make and why the opportunity to tour Europe and learn about its transportation systems seemed like a no-brainer.



new and transfer students attended BGR & BGRi


student leader volunteers in orientation programs


of Boiler Cold Rush 2022 participants were retained past their first semester

Purdue Orientation Programs welcomes more than 8,000 students through Boiler Gold Rush

Purdue welcomed its newest Boilermakers to the West Lafayette campus this August during Boiler Gold Rush and Boiler Gold Rush International, two orientation programs that help students navigate their new environment ahead of fall semester classes.

More than 8,000 students participated in BGR activities Aug. 15-19, and nearly 700 students from 72 countries took part in BGRi programming Aug. 12-14.

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students

Pictured: Students sit in Elliott Hall of Music during BGR Opening Ceremonies

Students were assigned to small groups of 15-20 students led by team leaders, who guided their groups through a variety of on-campus activities like opening ceremonies at Elliott Hall of Music; presentations on diversity, freedom of expression and academic success; a Purdue-themed, 300-drone show from Sky Elements; and the B-Involved Fair, where students could connect with university clubs and organizations.

New Boilermakers also experienced other unique Purdue traditions. During fountain runs with their teams, they zigzagged past — and through — five fountains in the heart of Purdue’s campus and made their way to Rush Crossing, where stepping over the tracks signified the beginning of their Purdue journeys.

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students

Pictured: Purdue President Mung Chiang helps students to move in to their residence halls before BGR

More than 700 team leaders, team supervisors, staff and student orientation committee members volunteered to help make the long-standing Purdue tradition a success.

“This is Purdue’s 30th year of hosting a Purdue welcome for the incoming class,” said Dan Carpenter, assistant vice provost for Student Success Innovations. “Though the programs have evolved, we’re extremely proud to continue the legacy of helping thousands of Purdue students develop a strong sense of belonging at Purdue. There’s no other institution in the country where this many student volunteers sign up to facilitate orientation at this scale.”

BGR and BGRi are organized annually by Student Success Programs. For more information about each, visit the Purdue Orientation Programs webpage.

Visit the Orientation Programs Website

Purdue increases funding, expands programs devoted to campus mental health and wellness services for students, staff, faculty

Over the last 10 years, Purdue has seen a steady rise in the number of students requiring accommodations, reflecting a national trend. This growth not only underscores the diversity of the Purdue student body, but also highlights the importance of adapting support systems to meet the evolving needs of students.

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students

Pictured: Purdue students sit outside Krach Leadership Center, working in the social space

To directly address this trend and reinforce a commitment to student wellness, the Office of the Provost and Office of the Treasurer have collaborated to approve funding to expand services for students with disabilities:

  • A new faculty accommodation consultant in the Center for Instructional Excellence will be hired, a move endorsed by the DRC Faculty Advisory Committee and University Senate leaders. Once the position is in place, DRC course accessibility letters will include a direct link to the faculty accommodation consultant for 1:1 support.
  • The DRC received funding for three new access consultants; Purdue Testing Services received funding for an accommodated testing staff member.

“By investing in these new staff lines, Purdue aims to enhance the overall learning experience for our students and alleviate some of the challenges faced by instructors in meeting the diverse needs of their classrooms,” says Jenna Rickus, vice provost for Teaching and Learning and the John Martinson Honors College. “Beyond improving student success, this initiative contributes to the ongoing development of a supportive and inclusive academic environment.”

Image showing man with whiteboard marker writing, facing towards students

Pictured: Students from the DRC's Peer Mentor Group stand for a picture at Exploration Acres

This investment is more than just an increase in personnel, however, Rickus says.

“It is a strategic move to augment our capacity to provide support services. The additional staff will be embedded in Purdue Testing Services, the Disability Resource Center and the Center for Instructional Excellence,” Rickus says. “Through this collaboration, Purdue is creating a more efficient and responsive support system that benefits all stakeholders in the accommodations process.”

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Image showing students gathered in a crowd next to Purdue Pete at Boiler Gold Rush 2023

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