About Boilermaker F1RSTS

Purdue University works hard to serve every Boilermaker, regardless of their background. Boilermaker F1RSTS seeks to inform and educate the campus community, support first-generation students in their academic and career endeavors, and ensure that first-generation college students ultimately succeed at Purdue. On this website you can discover the people, places, and information you will need to make your own 'giant leap' at Purdue.

Boilermaker F1RSTS Leadership Team

Heather Beasley Senior Director of Operations, Student Life
Dan Carpenter Assistant VP Student Success Innovations
Renee Thomas Associate VP Diversity Inclusion and Belonging
Nicole J. Wilson University Innovation Alliance Fellow

Unit Representatives

Timothy Kerr College of Agriculture
Jacqueline Thomas-Miller College of Education
Amy Wagner College of Engineering
Heather Dykes College of Health and Human Sciences
Briggitta August College of Liberal Arts
Steven Myszak College of Pharmacy
Lynne Horngren College of Science
Holy Englert College of Vet Medicine
Tricia Tort Daniels School of Business
Jessica Chapman Exploratory Studies
Mariah Mendoza John Martinson Honors College
Antonia Munguia Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Sarah Reifel Purdue Libraries