The information below is a general summary of the steps involved in submission and processing of a request for J-1 sponsorship. Please note that the generation of the DS-2019 is a legal process, and not simply the printing of a piece of paper. International Scholar Services must complete the required steps for evaluation and development of the request before the DS-2019 will be issued.

  1. Depending on the situation, the host unit might be required to submit an initial request to other Purdue offices for screening of the scholar. If such screening is required, it must be completed before the offer or invitation letter may be issued.

  2. Host units submit the J-1 request to International Scholar Services. This  triggers an email to the scholar with hyperlink to online eforms that collect information and documents. 

    1. Once the scholar's information and documents are complete, the host (inviting faculty or supervisor) must review and approve the submissions and submit certain additional attestations, through MyISS
    2. Once the request is complete, it is routed to the Unit Head for overall approval and authorization for the ISS Fee to be charged
  3. Once the J-1 request is fully submitted, International Scholar Services begins processing the request. Note - until all eforms and submissions listed above are complete, the case is not "present" within the immigration database for International Scholar Services to see. If there appears to be delay, the typical reason is that eforms are still awaiting submission so the case is not yet 'complete'. 

  4. Depending on how detailed the submitted information is, generation of a DS-2019

    • For a first-time J-1 request for a J-1 Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar
      • Can take up to 5 business days following receipt of the fully submitted request
    • For a J-1 Student Intern
      • Can take up to 10 business days following receipt of the fully submitted request
      • Note that we must also produce a DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan, which must be signed by the host and opur office before the final DS-2019 may be generated
    • For an extended J-1 Scholar
      • Can take up to 10 business days
    • For a J-1 Transfer
      • Can take up to 10 business days
  5. The DS is shipped to the scholar for their visa processing at a local US Consulate. Please see our information about visa processing and our J-1 Pre-Arrival Guidebook for more information.

  6. For first time Purdue scholars arriving from outside the USA, the scholar MUST keep the host unit apprised of their progress through the visa processing and scheduling of travel to the US and Purdue.
    • A new request is initiated in My.ISS to facilitate this, called the "Visa and Travel Plans".
    • Scholars must upload copies of their signed DS-2019, health insurance documentation (which must meet the regulatory guidelines), issued visa stamp, and air flight or other travel details.
    • Upon arrival in the USA, the scholar must schedule a meeting for in-person check-in; our office will reach out to arriving scholars for this purpose.
    • The ability to receive your Purdue ID Card and other Purdue privileges is contingent upon completion of this in-person check-in with the Purdue International Scholar Assistance specialists.