Program Extension Overview 

It is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirement that a student who will need more time to complete an educational objective must request a DS-2019 extension BEFORE the current document expires.

You will also be asked to provide contact information for your academic advisor who must submit a response to support the extension BEFORE your DS-2019  expires. 

Maintain your status: Do not let your DS-2019 expire! 

When to Submit a Program Extension Request

DS-2019s should be extended during the semester in which they expire. ISS recommends submitting the request to extend as early in the semester as possible.

Your completed extension application must be received by the ISS office at least 30 calendar days before the expiration date.


Extension of DS-2019 status is the student’s responsibility.  If a student misses the deadline and applies late, he/she risks denial of the application. If a student is employed and overlooks the date, they are considered to have engaged in unauthorized employment.  Such mistakes can have serious consequences, therefore students should make certain to apply early.

Eligibility for Extension of Program

You are eligible for a program extension if:

  • your DS-2019 is not yet expired
  • have been enrolled full time throughout your period of studies (or have an authorized Reduced Course Load on file with ISS for each applicable semester)
  • you have maintained your J-1 status
  • you are making normal progress toward your degree and have uncompleted degree-related requirements remaining
  • you have a documented, compelling academic or medical reason for the program extension

You are not eligible for a program extension if:

  • you have completed all program requirements and wish to delay graduation
  • have ever been enrolled for less than full-time and you did not have an authorized Reduced Course Load on file with ISS
  • you are academically not eligible to enroll at Purdue University
  • you have failed to maintain valid J-1 status
How to Apply for DS-2019 Program Extension
  1. Required: Submit the myISS early in the semester during which your document would expire. The deadline for submission is 14 days before the expiration date. You and your advisor/major professor will both need to submit information on the e-form, so plan for plenty of time to complete the e-form.
  2. Required: You must submit financial documentation in the e-form showing funding for one academic year, or the length of the extension, whichever is less. Please see below for financial documentation requirements.
  3. If Applicable: If you are a graduate student who will be registered for less than full-time in the semester for which you are applying for an extension, you are also required to submit a myISS e-form request.
Financial Documentation Requirements

To extend your DS-2019, you must show current financial documentation that meets the following requirements:

  • The document must be in English or must be accompanied by an official English translation. 
  • The currency on the document is not required to be in US Dollars, but the document must state the currency type.
  • The funds in the account must be considered "liquid" funds which are immediately accessible (for example, checking or savings account).  (Tax Returns, Real Estate, Evidence of historic income and/or or a commitment to future income is not acceptable)
  • The document must contain a date and the date may not be more than one year old from the date we receive it.
  • The document must not say "for admission purposes only".
  • If the document is an offer from Purdue University for an assistantship, scholarship, or fellowship, the document must:
    • Clearly define the terms of the of the financial commitment
    • Be on Purdue letterhead
    • Contain the signature of the Purdue official who extended the offer
Program Extension Funding Estimate

According to Department of Homeland Security regulations, in order to extend your document, you must show proof of funding for one academic year or the length of the extension, whichever is less. To estimate your funding, please use the information below.

Note: This is not a bill. Tuition and fee estimates here are for immigration reasons only. All University tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Tuition, fees, living expenses, dependent expenses, and other fees estimates are subject to change at any time, without notice. This is for initial estimates only to assist you in determining a very general amount of funding to show. ISS makes final calculations on required funding amounts based on more precise figures. If possible, you may want to submit slightly higher funding than estimated here, to account for increases in required funding and for final calculations. When final calculations are made, ISS will contact you if additional funding is required.


Tuition and Fees

Click here to find your estimated your tuition rate and fees.

Remember to add the International Student fee to your estimates, as well as any other fees you believe apply to you.


Living Expenses

Living expenses are estimated to be $1300/month.


Dependent Expenses

Dependent living expenses are $675 per month for first dependent and $350 per month for each additional dependent. 



Books and supplies are estimated to be $101/month.