International faculty, staff, postdocs, and scholars at Purdue might need to collect a variety of immigration documents from us 

  • DS-2019s for J-1 visa status holders
  • I-797 receipts and/or approvals for H-1B, E-3, O-1 and TN visa status holders
    • Our office keeps these documents, and lends them to our customers only for specific purposes. We do this because the documents are expensive to replace. We will always supply them to you by request, but please return them promptly when you are finished using them for the specific purpose.
  • Supplement Js for applicants for permanent residence

When are original immigration documents needed?

Original immigration documents are generally needed to

  • Apply or renew driver's licenses
  • Update or apply for Social Security Administration records
  • Apply for visas (either from US consulates abroad or other third country consulates in the USA)

J-1 scholars are encouraged to collect new DS-2019s whenever one is generated by International Scholar Services. This happens any time a significant program detail is updated, including during extensions or following transfers. J Scholars will need a complete record of their J-1 (or J-2) presence in the USA if they ever pursue another visa status in future (such as H-1B or F-1) or pursue permanent residence. 

We strongly recommend that all our customers keep electronic copies of their immigration documents. If you do not have yours, please email to request this, and we will provide them to you with our secure Filelocker app. Please note that Purdue's Filelocker app removes documents after 30 days. 

Requesting your Document(s)

In general, documents must first be requested. We will email you when they are ready. Documents are only ready for you when we email to confirm that they are ready. 

Scholars holding H-1B, E-3, TN or O-1 status

Please use MyISS to request I-797s and Supplement J (which is part of permanent residence and has nothing to do with J-1 status). To request a document 

  • Go to
  • Click on "Student/Scholar Login" at the bottom of the page
  • Select "University Employment" in the menu on the left
  • Use the following login information
    • Your Purdue University ID (or if you are not yet at Purdue, your temporary ID, which begins with TEMP_____) 
    • Date of Birth
      • if you are not yet at Purdue, use your Limited Services PIN: %pin%
  • Select "International Scholar Documents"
  • Select the appropriate request

In general, ISS can make available the Form I-797 within 2 -3 business days of the date of request. 

Faculty, staff and postdocs holding H-1B, E-3, Tn or O-1 status are not permitted to retain their original I-797 approvals. These are employer documents. If lost, they are expensive and time-consuming to replace. Documents may be borrowed for specific purposes and returned promptly after the purpose is completed. The duration of loan is specific to the situation.

Scholars holding J-1 status

DS-2019s are issued electronically following ISS processing of a request for an initial or extended J-1 status, or when J-1 visit details are updated. The ISS processing time for DS-2019s varies depending on the situation, but begins only once all eforms and documents are submitted to ISS. 

New DS-2019s may be issued mid-program if changes are made to the scholar's activities, funding, or other aspects of their activities. These DS-2019s also will be issued electronically.

On occasion, it might be necessary to provide an ISS signature on an existing DS-2019 for purposes of travel. In these cases, the schola rmust print a copy of the DS-2019 previously transmitted to them electronically, and bring that printed copy to ISS' offices in Young Hall for their scheduled appointment. (See below)

Retrieving your Document(s)

Once a document is ready, we can provide documents to you in one of these ways 

  • Shipping the document
  • In-person pickup

Picking up a Document

Please make an appointment by using our Bookings tool (click the QR Code on the right to access the tool).  If you make an appointment, we can have your document ready without unnecessary delay.  At the time of your scheduled appointment, go to Young Hall, 155 S. Grant Street, 5th floor. Do not make an appointment before we advise you that the document is ready. Simply arriving at our offices will not magically make the document available for you. If you schedule an appointment before it is ready, we will cancel the appointment.  

Shipping a Document

Please contact if you want the document shipped to you.