Jahari Dance Troupe

Jahari Dance Troupe

Established in 1971, the Jahari Dance Troupe is a vibrant student dance company trained in techniques that range from traditional to contemporary trends of black dance. "Jahari" is Swahili for jewels, and these students often shine as such when they perform a dance repertoire that includes African dance, ballet, Caribbean, folk, jazz, modern dance and music video.

Since its inception, the troupe has performed at various university campuses, secondary schools and community centers throughout the Midwest. The dancers have been involved with cultural exchange programs with similar dance companies in the region.

The dancers have received instruction from such internationally recognized dancers and choreographers as Darlene Blackburn, Kwame Botwey, Archie Savage and Joseph Holmes.

Jahari's credits include performances with African dancer Kwame Botwey and ethnomusicologist W. Komla Amoaku in "Roots Africana," and the premiere of choreographer Joseph Holmes's "Jonestown." Jahari performs primarily in October, November, January, February and March. The group hosts its home season in April.

Jahari is the true expression of the African American experience from African to hip-hop. Jahari's work is often laced with personality and style. The troupe strives to provide excellent aesthetic and kinesthetic awareness to its audience and participants alike.

The troupe is available to make concert appearances for schools, churches and civic organizations. A performance fee is required to cover expenses. Persons interested in engaging the Jahari are encouraged to confirm arrangements at least three months in advance.

Artist-in-residence, Josh Ishmon.

Artist-in-residence, Joshua Ishmon

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