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Purdue Vinyl Club Provides Connection for Music Enthusiasts

Students browsing through crates full of vinyl records.

Music is humanity’s shared language. No matter what mother tongue a song spins a story in, we are made to understand what lies at the heart of a melody. There are so many paths to take considering how to listen to a song, and many listeners choose to stream their music from online platforms. The convenience of this can be hard to beat, but many prefer to preserve an older form of listening. There is something charming about the crackles and pops of a vinyl record, the warmth and depth of the musical tones being translated from the record to reality. Purdue Vinyl Club is an organization dedicated to sharing this passion for vinyl records.

Purdue Vinyl Club hosted a crate digging event where members met up in the lobby of Stewart Center to shop through several local stores. Club members looked through Vons, Amused, Black Wax, and JL Records for new music to add to their collections.

Students browsing through vinyl records.

Bryce Antone, a senior and member of the club, says “It’s a fun way to learn about new music and share your music taste with other people.” Antone is relatively new to collecting records and has been welcomed into the club with open arms.

“I listen to a lot of music and I was looking for more people to share music recommendations with,” Antone says. “I joined their discord last December and my first meeting was in January.”

Students looking through vinyl records in front of a wall displaying several records.Purdue Vinyl Club’s mission is to share their love of music and records with each other. PVC hosts many fun events to share this love including listening parties, concerts, record hauls, crate digs and more. Their active Discord helps individuals keep up to date with the many events hosted by the club and fosters a strong sense of community.

If you love vinyl records and are looking for a place to get involved, Purdue Vinyl Club is for you. For meeting times and to get involved, join their discord or email them at