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Staff Excellence: Office of the Dean of Students

The daily efforts of thousands of Purdue University employees revolve around student success and well-being, and that couldn’t ring truer for Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) staff, who strive to ensure that each and every Boilermaker feels supported and empowered on their journey toward success.

“Students are the core of everything we do,” says Katie Sermersheim, Purdue’s senior associate vice provost and dean of students. “I would put this Office of the Dean of Students team up against any other dean of students office in the country because of the caring, compassionate work that is done.”

Read the full article on Purdue Today's website.

Weber Follows Extraordinary Trajectory to Space

Purdue alumna Mary Ellen Weber’s career as an astronaut, chemist, business executive and speaker has followed an extraordinary trajectory that has taken her from West Lafayette to the stars.

As a chemical engineering major at Purdue, Weber was absorbed in a rigorous academic curriculum that could have easily consumed her throughout her college years. But as a member of Phi Mu Sorority, she found an opportunity to expand her horizons.

Continue reading the full 'Weber Follows Extraordinary Trajectory to Space' article.

Embodying a Spirit of Service to Purdue

Service to others is one of the core lifelong values Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life at Purdue (FSCL) instills in Boilermakers. During their time as students, members of the FSCL community participate in events and programs that provide philanthropic support to the university, Greater Lafayette community and beyond. FSCL members often embody these ideals in their extracurricular endeavors.

Continue reading the full 'Embodying a Spirit of Service to Purdue' article.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities' Maggie Riesdorf wins 2024 MaPSAC Excellence Award

Maggie Reisdorf, associate director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, received the 2024 MaPSAC Excellence Award during a May ceremony hosted by MaPSAC. 

Maggie Reisdorf is the type of person you want working alongside Purdue students during some of their toughest moments. As associate director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, she knows how to turn difficult situations into solution-driven conversations, no matter how hard they may be.

“I really try to ensure students recognize that this one thing doesn’t define them,” Reisdorf says. “We understand that they are so much more than that, and we want them to reflect on it and then continue in their growth and development. It can be complicated sometimes, but it’s a really cool opportunity to give students that care.” Continue reading the full article on the Purdue News website here.

Purdue Parents and Families Stay Connected

For many Boilermakers, parents and families have been a significant part of the foundation for their academic and social success prior to their arrival at Purdue. While attending college is a crucial next step in the social and academic development of students, parents and families may feel unsure of how to support their students in their collegiate journey.

Continue reading the full article.

John Eckman Named Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life

Following a national search, Purdue University has named John Eckman assistant vice provost for student life, effective July 29. 

Eckman most recently served as associate vice chancellor for campus services at Appalachian State University where he oversaw a broad spectrum of services, including dining, parking, the campus store, conference services and more. At Purdue, Eckman will be responsible for leading University Residences and Dining & Culinary. Purdue houses more than 16,000 Boilermakers in university housing at the lowest room and board rates in the Big 10. University Residences and Dining & Culinary employ more than 1,500 students and offer numerous clubs, programs, organizations and cocurricular educational opportunities for on-campus residents. Continue reading about Eckman and his new role here.   

Jay Gephart to Step Down as “All-American” Marching Band Director

Jay Gephart, the Al G. Wright Chair of Purdue Bands & Orchestras, has announced that the Fall 2024 semester will be his last as the 5th Director of the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band. He will step down from the marching band position following the band’s final performance in 2024.  Professor Gephart will continue to chair the Bands and Orchestras department, direct the Purdue University Wind Ensemble, and conduct other indoor ensembles.

Read the full article on the Purdue Bands & Orchestras website.

Staff Excellence: Learning Communities

Seemingly endless opportunities are available to new and returning undergraduate students when they sign a housing contract with University Residences. Some take part in residence hall clubs. Others apply to become resident assistants. And around 3,500 apply to join Purdue’s learning communities, opening doors to unique mentorship and academic opportunities that set them up for success during their time at Purdue.

“The focus is on academic enhancement through faculty-partnered engagement opportunities, residential connections and academic support programs within residence halls,” says Dr. Bryan Austin, associate director of Residential Academic Initiatives (RAI). “RAI and learning communities are the bridge between a student’s lived experience and their academic experience.”

Read the full article on Purdue Today's website.

Staff Excellence: Purdue University Student Health Service

The nearly 50,000 students on Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus are high achievers, taking small steps every day toward their giant leaps. When they’re well, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, and when they’re feeling ill, the Purdue University Student Health Service (PUSH) staff team is ready to help them out of the slump.

“Our main goal is to help the students succeed because when you’re not in great health, you cannot succeed in the classroom,” says Dr. Brenda Masiga-Crowell, senior director of PUSH. “We want to keep people well, keep the university healthy and educate students on how to be healthy at Purdue and beyond, as our medical director, Dr. Craig Nadelson usually says.” Continue reading about PUSH on the Purdue News website here. 

Purdue Beekeeping Club is All the Buzz!

It’s a hot summer day and you’re sipping your lemonade on the porch when a honey bee lands on your cup, deciding it is a shareable beverage. Her home must be close, right? Have you considered your thirsty friend might be three miles from her home? These persistent pollinators can fly a three-mile radius around their hive to search for food and honey bees alone are responsible for the pollination of 80% of all flowering plants. One special club at Purdue takes responsibility for the keeping of bees and provides amazing learning opportunities for interested students to get involved. Continue reading about Purdue's Beekeeping Club here.

Hurling Towards Victory

Purdue Hurling Club secured the title of National Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association (NCGAA) champions, dominating in the recent hurling tournament.  
Hurling is one of the two national sports of Ireland. The sport has been around for approximately 3,000 years, which is around the time the oldest prosthetic was discovered. The sport is highly intense, known as being the fastest sport on grass, and combines skills from baseball, lacrosse, golf and more. 

Continue Reading about 'Hurling Towards Victory' here.

Purdue Aviation Day Takes Off

Purdue University has featured strong ties to aviation throughout its history. Famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart lived in Duhme Hall while serving as a counselor for women students and advising Purdue’s aeronautical engineering department. Chesley Sullenberger graduated from Purdue and saved hundreds of passengers’ lives after successfully landing his plane in the Hudson River. The university’s mark on aviation is celebrated annually at Purdue’s largest student-run event – Purdue Aviation Day (PAD).

Continue Reading about 'Purdue Aviation Day Takes Off' here.

Dairy Club on the Moove

Agriculture impacts every student at Purdue, every person in Greater Lafayette and every citizen of the world. Bridging the gap between consumers and the agricultural industry is one of Purdue’s largest clubs: Dairy Club. Dairy Club is an organization dedicated to students interested in the dairy industry and provides educational activities for the community.

Continue Reading about 'Dairy Club on the Moove' here.

Thank you!

We are ever grateful for your dedication and generosity this Purdue Day of Giving. Thank you for showing the world what's possible when Boilermakers rally together for Purdue. Boiler Up!

Student Life Student Employees, Supervisor Honored by Regional Association 

Six individuals from the Division of Student Life were recognized as recipients of Midwest Association of Student Employee Administrators (MASEA) awards.  
Student employment within Student Life provides a foundation for future careers by providing Boilermakers with opportunities to develop the professional skills they need to succeed in the workforce. As part of their employment, student employees are introduced to the Leadership and Professional Development competencies and the Steps to Leaps learning pillars to ensure they are building skills employers want.  

Continue Reading about 'Student Life Student Employees, Supervisor Honored by Regional Association' here.

Student Life Prepares for Launch at Purdue in Indianapolis

Purdue’s next giant leap will launch in fall 2024 with the opening of Purdue in Indianapolis, a new extension of the flagship campus in West Lafayette that will deliver the excellence the university is known for. Purdue Student Life is preparing to deliver all the pieces of Purdue – housing, activities, arts, people, programs and more – that will help Purdue students in Indianapolis find their fit on campus. Continue reading 'Student Life Prepares for Launch at Purdue in Indianapolis' here.

Student Life Recognizes Inspiring Leaps Winners

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life has recognized Ashley Sarjent, associate director of culinary operations for Purdue Dining & Culinary, and Jessica Mellady, office manager for Student Activities and Organizations, as winners of the Inspiring Leaps: Student Life Staff Awards. CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley and Jessica and read the full press release here.

Big Man on Campus Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Philanthropy is one of the core tenets of Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life at Purdue. Annually, Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) hosts Purdue’s largest philanthropic event: Big Man on Campus (BMOC). Big Man on Campus is a male talent show where contestants from the FSCL community compete to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and education. The event is part of a national movement to raise funds and awareness and requires a significant amount of planning and preparation. Continue reading about Big Man on Campus here.

Laurie Roselle: A Lifetime Spent Doing Good

A desire to “Do Good,” is not just an aspiration, but a way of life for the sisters of Delta Gamma Fraternity. The founders of Delta Gamma chose the Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their desire to “Do Good” for others. It remains a core tenet of the fraternity’s culture today and serves as a driving force for its members' efforts in philanthropy, service and appreciation for each individual.

In the 150-plus years since Delta Gamma’s founding, there is perhaps no one who better embodies this spirit than Purdue alumna Laurie (Petrucce) Roselle, who has dedicated her time and talents to Delta Gamma and innumerable philanthropic causes over the last four decades. Roselle’s selfless spirit continues to shine today as she courageously battles ALS, a rare neurological disease that primarily affects the nerve cells that control muscle movement, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Continue reading about FSCL's Laurie Roselle here. 

Service Drives Success 

At Purdue, the persistent pursuit of bettering the community and world is at the forefront of many Boilermaker minds and spirits. Service is one of the natural pathways to the betterment of society. A prime example of a group of Boilermakers that have the spirit of service and the heart to drive forward to change the community is the American Red Cross Club of Purdue. 

Continue reading more about the American Red Cross Club here.

Seeing the Beauty of Literature with SEA

Literature is a love letter to humanity. Understand literature and you unlock the ability to understand culture and the heart of civilization. At Purdue, a school with a major focus on STEM fields, it is essential to nurture a space in which students from all disciplines can appreciate literature away from the classroom, create works of their own and provide constructive feedback. The Student English Association (SEA) provides the space to develop members’ writing skills, gain peer feedback, improve their editing and appreciate literature with like-minded people.

Continue reading more about the featured story Seeing the Beauty of Literature with SEA here. 

My Experience Traveling and Engaging with the Arts through Purdue Convocations

I first started my internship with Purdue Convocations in the fall of 2022, the beginning of my junior year. My mom saw a job posting on Facebook for a social media intern and forwarded it to me right away, encouraging me to apply. As someone who is extremely passionate about music, theatre, and the arts, I was thrilled by the opportunity to learn more about these things as a field and expand my pre-professional knowledge and experience. Continue reading more about Izzy's Experience Traveling and Engaging with Arts through Purdue Convocations here.

Purdue Varsity Glee Club Shines at ACDA Midwestern Region Conference

The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) Midwestern Region Conference in Omaha, Nebraska became the stage for a remarkable performance by the  Purdue Varsity Glee Club  on February 10, 2024. The conference, a gathering of choral directors from across the Midwestern region, provided a platform for Purdue University, which lacks a dedicated school of music, and PMO to showcase the incredible student talent nurtured within the walls of Ralph and Bettye Bailey Hall. Continue reading on Purdue Musical Organizations website here. 

Steps to Leaps Recognized by National Organization

Purdue’s Steps to Leaps initiative was recognized with a 2023-24 NASPA Excellence Award, presented by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

Steps to Leaps received a bronze award in the category of Athletics, Recreation, Counseling, Health, Wellness, and related. Excellence Awards recognize the contributions of members who are transforming higher education through outstanding programs, innovative services and effective administration. NASPA’s Excellence Awards cover 12 categories crucial to the success of students. Continue reading the press release on the Steps to Leaps website here.

IM Sports Officials Rule the Court 

A sharp whistle blows and signals are thrown, indicating a call has been made. Though officiating can inspire emotional responses from those on and off the court, sports officials play an important role in ensuring competitive fairness with consistent application of rules and regulations. Without rules, sports descend to chaos. It takes a brave, confident and informed leader to make the necessary calls, being the keepers of the game. Purdue prides itself on preparing students to make the tough calls. Purdue’s intramural sports official program produces the next generation of highly talented and informed officials, ready to take on any sports game put in front of them.

The training process to be an intramural official through Purdue is very rigorous, enforcing a high standard of quality. Officials go through a five-day training program, each day targeting a different skill.

Continue reading this featured story: IM Sports Officials Rule the Court, here.

Staff Excellence: Purdue Dining & Culinary

Preparing and serving food for thousands of hungry Boilermakers is no easy feat, but it’s a challenge that   Purdue Dining & Culinary’s  dedicated staff rise up to every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Step into any one of the five dining courts, four On-the-Go! locations or four Quick Bite locations and you’ll find staff teams working masterfully alongside each other to nourish Purdue’s 16,000 meal plan holders. And without the more than 200 full-time staff, 850 student employees, 90 temporary employees and 46 administrators that comprise Purdue Dining & Culinary’s skilled workforce, it simply couldn’t be done.

“Our employees who work in the dining courts are really the heartbeat of our operations, and without them we would not be able to feed our students,” says Cara Powell, director of dining. “They’re passionate about what they do, and they’re essential to our success.”

Continue reading about Purdue Dining' & Culinary's Staff Excellence on the Purdue Today website.

New Perspectives Feature!  The First Friendly Faces You See: Convocations Volunteer Network  

Through Purdue Convocations, we observe unique interpretations of beliefs and climates through the art of performance. Convocations brings a diverse array of world-class performances to our campus . T he student ushers of the Convocations Volunteer Network support the endeavors of Purdue Convocations by volunteering to usher , engaging with Convocations’ audiences before shows, ensuring positive patron experiences, assisting with marketing efforts to students and more. Continue Reading about The First Friendly Faces You See: Convocations Volunteer Network here.

Jay Gephart Honored at Midwest Clinic

Professor Jay Gephart, the Al G. Wright Chair and Director of Bands at Purdue Bands & Orchestras received the National Band Association’s Al & Gladys Wright Distinguished Legacy Award at the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago. Jay received this honor for his exceptional dedication to music education throughout his career. Jay has been a faculty member at Purdue since 1995. Prior to that, he completed 12 years as a public school band director and has been an active member of numerous professional organizations.   Continue Reading about Jay Gephart being Honored at Midwest Clinic on the Purdue Bands and Orchestras website here.

Faculty, Staff Invited to Steps to Leaps Summit, Nominate Outstanding Individuals and Programs for Recognition

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in the Steps to Leaps Summit on Mar. 20 from 11:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Beck Ag Center.

The event will include guest speakers and an awards presentation from 12 – 1 p.m. Featured guest speakers will include Beth McCuskey, vice provost for Student Life, and Jenna Rickus, associate vice provost for teaching and learning. Presentations and student panel discussions will follow. A full schedule of events will be posted on the   Steps to Leaps website  as presentations are finalized. Read the full press release on the Purdue Steps to Leaps website here. 

CAPS Expands Programs Devoted to Campus Mental Health and Wellness

Purdue University continues to place greater emphasis on the mental health and well-being of its students, staff and faculty, creating and expanding services and programs while committing significant financial resources to foster a campuswide culture of safety and wellness...

“An investment in the mental health of our students is an investment in the future of Purdue,” says Patrick Wolfe, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and diversity, and co-chair of the Action Council on Student Housing and Well-Being. “As a community of care, we all play an important role in supporting the holistic well-being and wellness of our students.” Continue reading about CAPS' extended services on the Purdue Today website here. 

Johnson Connects Leadership Across Multiple Pursuits

Brayden Johnson, a senior double-majoring in psychology and law and society, was initially drawn to Purdue for its successful Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) program and the leadership opportunities it affords to those preparing for officer positions. In May 2024, Johnson will graduate after serving as the cadet wing commander of AFROTC Purdue University – Detachment 220, having undertaken a journey to build leadership skills in numerous endeavors across campus. Continue reading about 'Johnson Connects Leadership Across Multiple Pursuits'

2024-25  Purdue University Residences Board and Dining & Culinary Meal Plan Rates Released

The Purdue University Board of Trustees has approved new meal plans and board rates for the 2024-25 academic year. With a variety of rooms and meal plans available, the university has quality, affordable options to fit your lifestyle. Please visit this page to learn more about room types and rates. Please visit this page to learn more about meal plans.  Click here to read the full Board of Trustees Press Release on the Purdue News Service website.

Creating and Supporting a Home in Purdue Cooperatives  

Generations of Boilermakers have left homes from around the world to attend Purdue, only to discover a new home on campus. 

For Bob (’63 CE) and Joyce Miles (’65 CFS), home is Purdue’s cooperative community. During their time on campus, Bob was a member of Fairway Cooperative while Joyce is a proud alumna of Twin Pines . Today, the Miles are helping new generations of Boilermakers find their home at Purdue by sharing their time and wisdom with members of the cooperative community. Continue reading about 'Creating and Supporting a Home in Purdue Cooperatives' at Purdue

Dickey named inaugural associate dean of students at Purdue University in Indianapolis

The leadership team for Purdue University in Indianapolis continues to take shape, with Sara Dickey being announced as the inaugural associate dean of students at the new Purdue campus. Continue reading the press release on Purdue Today here.

Let's Talk Trains - The Purdue Railroad Club

Trains have a special history and place at the heart of Purdue. The Boilermaker Special has been Purdue’s official mascot since the 1930s to represent the school’s engineering heritage. Every year, freshmen jump southward across the tracks at Rush Crossing to symbolize the start of their journey here at Purdue. In the late-1800s and mid-1900s, the university paved the way in transportation research with their locomotive lab. The Purdue Railroad Club serves not only to honor this history but to make their own mark on Purdue’s history, building model trains and passing down the history and reverence for trains on campus. Continue reading about the Purdue Railroad Club here. 

Founding Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers Carries Forth Legacy 

The dream of a national organization for Black engineering students was founded and realized at Purdue University. The National Society of Black Engineers has grown from its inception on the West Lafayette campus to becoming one of the largest student-run organizations in the country. Continue reading about 'The Founding Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers Forth Legacy' at Purdue

Season of Sharing Accepting Gifts for Local Children, Families Through December 8

Season of Sharing, an annual program that helps local nonprofits provide gifts to children and families, will begin Wednesday (Nov. 1) and last through Dec. 8.

Purdue's  Roger C. Stewart Leadership & Professional Development Department  is partnering with community organizations to collect gifts for Mental Health America’s local chapter, the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter, LTHC Homeless Services, the Indiana Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Coalition, Multicultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault, and the local Salvation Army.  Continue reading about 'Season of Sharing' at Purdue on Purdue Today's website here.

Theta Tau Unleashes Fun, Philanthropy at Corgi Race

Purdue Theta Tau has been making a tangible difference in South Africa for the last six years through a fun event that engages the community.

The Corgi Race, an event at the Grand Prix track hosted on October 22, inspires students who attend to have a better day watching our furry friends tear up the track and raises funds for impoverished children. At Purdue, students are not only encouraged to receive a degree, but to do what they can to make a difference in the world. Theta Tau takes this challenge to heart, going above and beyond with their philanthropic and engaging race.  Continue reading about the 'Corgi Race' At Purdue

Punkin’ Chunkin’ Gives Students Pumpkin to Talk About

During fall, there are many traditions in Indiana. We expect crunchy colorful leaves, pumpkin-spiced goods, hoodies and crisp weather. The star of the season is, naturally, the pumpkin. Many utilize this variety of squash to bake goods or to carve and decorate, but at Purdue, an up-and-coming club views this gourd with greater purpose.

Punkin’ Chunkin’, a club founded this year, provides a place for teams to work together and construct trebuchets and catapults to send pumpkins launching through the air. Teams research different trebuchet and catapult designs, get inspired and create their own unique designs to build a pumpkin launcher that packs a punch. Continue reading about Punkin' Chunkin' at Purdue.

Luzader Assists Boilermakers on Career Journeys

Tim Luzader, executive director of the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities, has been assisting Purdue students in preparing for their pursuit of careers since 2000.

“As my time has evolved, I’ve continued to be challenged, having new kinds of activities tossed my way and given some freedom to innovate,” Luzader says. “In many ways, 23 years has passed very quickly.”

Continue reading 'Luzader Assists Boilermakers on Career Journeys'.

Transfer Students Find a Home at Purdue

The path to Purdue is different for every student. For some, Purdue is the culmination of a dream and for others, it is a newfound discovery. For a special group of students, the path to Purdue was a carefully planned process that took time, organization and dedication to reach.

Transfer students come to campus after attending another college, having to transfer credits from one organization to Purdue to ensure their future is on track.

Continue reading 'Transfer Students Find a Home at Purdue'.

New Student Organization Feature! Theme Park Engineering and Design Offers Full Circuit of Activities for Boilermakers

For many, going to a theme park is one of life’s simple joys. There’s the thrill of getting strapped into a seat and being taken up to the edge of the world, the stomach drop of plummeting down the peak and a day full of memories spent with family and friends. For a select few at Purdue, theme parks mean much more. The complicated mechanics and engineering prowess required to design and implement the world’s greatest parks are appreciated and replicated in one of Purdue’s most niche organizations – Theme Park Engineering and Design at Purdue (TPED).

Continue reading 'Theme Park Engineering and Design Offers Full Circuit of Activities for Boilermakers'.

Purdue Student Legal Services Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This fall, Student Legal Services is celebrating 10 years of impact on the Purdue community. The organization recently held an event to commemorate its first decade of service to Purdue students. Continue reading about Student Legal Services and its 10th anniversary. 

Student Trustee Reflects on Leadership Journey

Defining a good leader can be a challenge. There is the transactional aspect of leadership: developing a plan and sticking to it. There is also the transformational aspect of leadership: inspiring those around a leader to buy into the cause and empowering those around the leader. Kevin Boes, a graduate student and experienced student organization leader at Purdue, speaks to his involvement in student organization leadership.

Continue reading the ' Student Trustee Reflects on Leadership Journey ' article.

Purdue University Receives College Panhellenic Excellence Award

College Panhellenic Excellence Awards are granted to College Panhellenic Associations that demonstrate outstanding contributions in all available award categories: academic innovation, community impact, judicial procedure, leadership, marketing, programming and recruitment. The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), the largest advocacy and support organization for the women’s sorority experience, recently recognized Purdue University for their accomplishments during 2022-23.

Learn more about Purdue receiving the College Panhellenic Excellence Award on the NPC website.

New Staff, Outreach Efforts Expand Accessibility for CAPS Services

As part of a campus-wide investment in well-being, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is increasing accessibility to mental health resources available to Purdue students.

With support from the Action Council on Student Housing and Wellbeing founded by Purdue President Mung Chiang, CAPS has increased staff in many areas. The new staff members improve CAPS’ staff-to-student ratio to those recommended by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services. Over the past three years, CAPS has doubled the size of its high-risk team and added a psychiatric provider and nurse as part of its expanded staffing capacity.

Continue reading the 'New Staff, Outreach Efforts Expand Accessibility for CAPS Services' article.

A New Online Mental Health Resource is Now Available

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) offers free, confidential well-being resources to all students, faculty and staff on the West Lafayette campus. TAO is a self-guided program informed by psychotherapy research and strategies that provide assistance to help overcome anxiety, depression and other concerns. TAO provides accessible and effective resources including short videos, brief exercises and self-reflection tools. Continue reading about TAO here.

Purdue to Host Weeks of Welcome  

Purdue University will celebrate the beginning of the fall semester by highlighting student events and programming through October 8.     

Known as “Purdue Weeks of Welcome,” the events will introduce students to the vibrant extracurricular experiences generations of Boilermakers have come to enjoy.   

This collaborative effort includes departments and areas from the division of Student Life, Diversity and Inclusion, and Teaching and Learning, as well as the expansive group of more than 900 recognized student organizations. Continue reading about Purdue Weeks of Welcome here.  

Student Life Recognizes First Inspiring Leaps Winners  

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life has recognized Tanya Bailey, member services clerk for Purdue Recreation & Wellness (RecWell), and Courtney Wininger, assistant director - aquatic programs and safety education for RecWell, as the inaugural winners of the Inspiring Leaps: Student Life Staff Awards.  CONGRATULATIONS to Tanya and Courtney and read the full press release here.

Governor Appoints Kevin Boes as New Student Trustee for Purdue

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has appointed the Purdue University Board of Trustees’ new student member and reappointed three current trustees. Kevin Boes of Great Falls, Montana, was appointed to serve a two-year term as the board’s student trustee.  Kevin is the 2nd former IFC Officer in the past 6 years to be named student trustee. Noah Smith – Sigma Tau Gamma – also served in that role in 2019 and 2020.  Continue reading "Governor appoints new student trustee for Purdue; three trustees reappointed" on Purdue News.

Purdue Sigma Nu Chapter Receives "Rock Chapter" Status

The Purdue Sigma Nu Fraternity chapter received “Rock Chapter” status at their Grand Chapter meeting in Florida last week. This is the highest recognition a chapter can receive within Sigma Nu nationally. Read more about the 2023 Rock Chapters.

NIC Recognizes Nicholas Medel With Undergraduate Award of Distinction

Nicolas Medel of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and current IFC VP of Membership was recognized by the North American Interfraternity Conference with the Undergraduate Award of Distinction, which recognizes fraternity men who, throughout in their collegiate experience, have found an outlet for development as both a leader and a better man. Congratulations Nicholas!  Read more about the NIC Undergraduate Award of Distinction.

NIC Recognizes Patrick Jesse With Alumnus Award of Distinction

Patrick Jessee of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was recognized by the North American Interfraternity Conference with the Alumnus Award of Distinction, which recognizes a fraternity man who has given specifically of his time, talents, and service to the betterment of the fraternity or campus community. Congratulations Patrick! Read more about the NIC Alumnus Award of Distinction.

Alumni Translate Student Employment Experience to Professional Impact

Student employment within the Division of Student Life provides a foundation for future careers by providing Boilermakers with opportunities to develop the professional skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Alumni of student positions within Student Life, Jason Maynard, Zachary Hiscox, and Kayla Clark, have gone on to enjoy successful careers and impact their communities – including here on campus. Continue Reading "Alumni Translate Student Employment Experience to Professional Impact."

Dining & Culinary, Department of Nutrition Science Collaborate on Experiential Learning

Thanks to a new collaboration between Purdue Dining & Culinary and the Department of Nutrition Science, students in the Dietetics Residential Program Learning Community were afforded the opportunity to expand their culinary skills. Continue reading about the Dining and Nutrition Science collaboration here.

Internships are the Pathways to Careers

Internships are the pathways to careers. They build life long memories and provide practical experiences, all while laying the groundwork for future endeavors. Many interns utilize these experiences for learning new skills, growing their network and exploring future career paths.  

Two graphic designers from Student Life Marketing, Karla Alvarado and Taylor Thomas, were recognized for their abilities with their recent winnings of ADDY Awards. Continue reading "Internships are the Pathways to Careers."

New Student Organization Feature! Caduceus Club Molds Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

The Caduceus Club is molding the next generation of healthcare professionals. Emphasizing the necessity of supporting one another through the journey to medical school, the club provides resources for students to rise to their full potential. Continue reading about Purdue's Caduceus Club here. 

New Student Organization Feature! Boiler Support Network Encourages Mental Well-Being

The Boilermaker Support Network, a registered student organization, is raising awareness, hosting student-run support group sessions and promoting an accepting culture to support the well-being of students. By extending their support to students in need and making resources that aid in mental health more well known, they work towards making Purdue a better and healthier place. 

Senior Veronica Reynolds helped establish the Boilermaker Support Network (BSN), the Purdue chapter of the nationwide organization called The Support Network, in 2021. Reynolds, the outgoing president organization, shares what she wanted to accomplish with the establishment of the Purdue chapter.  

Continue reading  "Boiler Support Network Encourages Mental Well-Being."

New Student Organization Feature! alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi) Building Personal and Professional Connections through Sisterhood

The paths to enjoying the camaraderie of sisterhood in alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi) are as unique as each member of the sorority.

Enya Song, a junior studying user experience design (UX), had explored the idea of joining an Asian-interest sorority before attending Purdue, but spending her first semester studying remotely from her home in Washington due to the COVID-19 pandemic provided a challenge. She felt isolated, but rushed virtually and began to connect with members of the sorority online. The connections she made through aKDPhi helped in her transition to campus life in the spring - particularly because most club events were still being held virtually. Continue reading "Student Organization Feature: alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi) Building Personal and Professional Connections through Sisterhood."

New Student Organization Feature!  Purdue Hockey Club Makes Nationals for First Time in 60 Years  

The Purdue Ice Hockey Club recently made history when they qualified and competed in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) Division III National Championships for the first time in more than 60 years.  

The Purdue Ice Hockey team is a Division III, ACHA collegiate level hockey club with a rich history that tracks back to the 1960s. The team aims to provide students with an opportunity to continue their hockey careers and work to represent the grit and integrity that lies at the heart of all Boilermakers, and from their recent success the team has proven what students and athletes can do at Purdue.   

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Student Life Honors Award Winners Announced! 

Student Life is proud to announce it's 2023 Student Life Honors awardees. The annual awards ceremony was held on Sunday, April 17, 2023. Among its winners were the 2023 Flora Roberts Award and G.A. Ross Award winners, the 2023 Student Life Honors award winners and the prestigious 2023 Student Life Impact Award winners. Congratulations to all of our well-deserved award recipients!

Steps to Leaps Recognizes Annual Award Winners

The Steps to Leaps steering committee recognized winners of the Steps to Leaps awards at the Steps to Leaps Summit, held March 22 at Beck Agricultural Center. Purdue President Mung Chiang and Provost Patrick Wolfe were on hand to recognize award winners.

Read more about the winners and the awards on the Steps to Leaps website (opens in new window) .

New Perspectives Feature! CARE Program Catalyzes Student, Professional Impact

New funding and a student volunteer program have helped Boilermakers make an impact on campus culture as students and staff through the Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE).

Thanks to financial support from the Office of the Provost, CARE has recently added two alumna – Amanda Shie, prevention programming specialist, and Lila Jerger, student support specialist – to support its mission to provide free and confidential advocacy services to students who have experienced interpersonal violence such as stalking, relationship violence, sexual exploitation and sexual violence.

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New Student Organization Feature! RIISE Makes Leaps Towards Future of Inclusion and Accessibility in Sports

Whether it is engineering a sturdier wheelchair for an agriculture student to navigate rough terrain in fields, lifting the voices that advocate for Paralympic excellence or hosting wheelchair basketball clinics to enhance athletic performance, RIISE Purdue is making leaps towards a future of inclusion and accessibility.

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New Student Organization Feature! Purdue Cycling Club Shares Passion with the Community

The art of cycling is a multi-step and well-thought-out process. The journey of a bike ride includes far more than just getting on the bicycle and going out for a spin. There are many elements to consider, from how to dress in preparation to cycle to the actual routes themselves. There is a formula to it. A club that appreciates every step of this careful process is the Purdue Cycling Club./p>

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New Student Organization Feature! Purdue Vinyl Club Provides Connection for Music Enthusiasts

Music is humanity’s shared language. No matter what mother tongue a song spins a story in, we are made to understand what lies at the heart of a melody. There are so many paths to take considering how to listen to a song, and many listeners choose to stream their music from online platforms. The convenience of this can be hard to beat, but many prefer to preserve an older form of listening.

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Student Life Organizations Partner with EPICS to Assist Lakota Nation

Student Life organizations partnered with Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) to assist in donating materials for the construction of  greenhouses and storm windows for the Lakota Nation. Student volunteers from the EPICS program, the Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life (FSCL) community and other student organizations worked in hand with EPICS staff to disassemble plexiglass and ship materials, cultivating food sovereignty. Administrative Operations with Purdue was also instrumental in allowing workspace to disassemble as well as providing resources to aid the students in this work.   

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New Perspectives Feature! CARE Provides Network of Support for Boilermakers

Boilermakers who have experienced interpersonal violence can receive support and connect with resources to help with the healing process through the Center for Advocacy, Response & Education (CARE).

“We are a safe place to come to,” says Juanita Richey, director of CARE. “We’re here to advocate for students, listen and talk them through their situation, help them know their rights and direct them to any resources they may need.”

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New Student Organization Feature! Boiler Bhangra Shares Passion for Dance

A dedicated group of Purdue students is sharing their passion for the energetic, free-flowing dance known as bhangra with the campus community and beyond.

Members of Boiler Bhangra devote hours a week to learning choreography and building camaraderie to perform bhangra, a traditional folk dance from the Punjab region of northern India. Club members perform at community events and compete in competitions at other colleges and universities. The club includes members from around the world who have entered the club from different paths. Continue reading about the Boiler Bhangra group here.

Student Life Professionals Making an Impact Beyond Purdue  

Innovators. Mentors. Leaders. Student Life staff serve in these roles as they create and deliver impactful programs to the more than 50,000 students on Purdue’s campus. In true Boilermaker spirit, some members have taken this impact one step further to create an impact beyond Purdue through their participation in professional organizations. 

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New Perspectives Feature! Student Perspective: Connecting with My Culture through Student Life

Like many other Asians living in this country, I have had a long and tumultuous relationship with my heritage as a Chinese American woman. Getting to cover two events by Asian and Asian American organizations on campus was an exciting chance to reflect on what my identity means during the holiday. When asked to cover these two events (one event which I was very familiar with and another which I was less familiar with), I was excited by the chance to learn something new and revisit a familiar holiday through a new lens.

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Purdue names 2023 Dreamer Award recipients

The Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance announced the reciepents of the 2023 Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamer Award. This award has been presented annually to individuals or orghanizations within Purdue University who embody Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of service to others in their contributions to the university. Zenephia Evans, associate dean of students for education and advocacy, was one of those selected for this award.

For more information on the award and see all recipients, continue reading  "Purdue names 2023 Dreamer Award recipients".

To learn more about Zenephia Evans, continue reading  "Zenephia Exemplifies Impact and Grit/Persistence".

Purdue Parent and Family Connections awards 4 BIG Give grants

The Purdue Parent and Family Connections ( PFC) Advisory Board awarded four BIG Give grants to improve and enhance the Purdue student experience. The grant program is funded through donations from parents, families and other friends. Parents on the advisory board award the grants annually.  

To learn more about the areas that were awarded grants, click here to continue reading "Purdue Parent and Family Connections awards 4 BIG Give grants".

Wetzel Named Co-Chair of APAP/NYC+

Todd Wetzel, assistant vice provost, student life, and executive director of Purdue Convocations/Elliott Hall of Music, has been named a co-chair of   APAP/NYC+  and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. APAP/NYC+ is the world’s premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry.

For more information, continue reading "Appointments, honors and activities" on Purdue News (opens in a new tab).

Donation Creates Friendship Grove

Boilermakers have an enhanced space to socialize thanks to a donation from members of the Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta class of 1975.

Friendship Grove, located in Pickett Park along West Stadium Drive, provides a shaded location for the Purdue community to enjoy the outdoors and enhance their well-being. The donation funded the planting of several trees, benches, a picnic table and two sets of concrete bags. Included in the tree grove is a mighty oak tree dedicated to Purdue President Mitch Daniels and his service to the University. Friendship Grove was dedicated during a ceremony on October 14.

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New Book Release Highlights First 20 Years of Purdue Crew History

A new book, “Purdue Crew – 20 years of Rowing: 1949-69,” by author Charles Bruce Blackwell highlights the first 20 years of Purdue Crew’s storied history and is now available for purchase on Amazon. The book examines coaches, traditions and the tight bonds created among teammates in their pursuit of excellence in what has been called the “ultimate” team sport. The stories highlighted in this volume laid the foundation for a program that later developed Amanda Elmore, Purdue’s first female Olympic Gold Medalist, and won the American Collegiate Rowing Association Team Trophy this past spring.  

Purdue Recognized for Student Voter Engagement

Congratulations to Purdue University on joining 394 colleges and universities in earning the inaugural ALL IN Most Engaged Campus for College Student Voting recognition! Thank you for the intentional work you and your institution did in 2022 to institutionalize nonpartisan democratic engagement to increase student voter turnout.

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New Perspectives Feature!: Bass Fishing Club offers Boilermakers Opportunity to Wade into Casual, Competitive Fishing

Quiet mornings spent on a calm lake, wading a mountain stream, discovering a local pond or trolling deep waters for big-game fish create a tight bond among anglers of all ages.

It’s these moments that officers of the Purdue Bass Fishing Club cherish and seek to share with their members. The club provides a point of connection for anglers of all skill levels and interests, ranging from expert anglers to beginners.

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New Perspectives Feature!: Students Make Impact on Community, Develop Professional Skills through ACE Campus Food Pantry

For the past seven years, students have led the fight against food insecurity in the Purdue community through the ACE Campus Food Pantry. Established in 2015, the pantry makes food more readily available to members of the Purdue community who may be facing temporary or long-term food insecurity.  

With 11 student directors and more than 200 annual volunteers, the pantry allows Boilermakers to gain hands-on experience in service while making an impact on their immediate community. Marly Beck, a 2020 graduate and former student director of the pantry, explains that getting involved with ACE aligned with her passion for food justice.

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‘Purdue Pursuits’: University Residences Faculty Fellows program

When Daniel Pierce moved into McCutcheon Hall as a freshman in the fall of 2000, he knew little to nothing about the University Residences  Faculty Fellows program. He certainly didn't envision he would be serving as the senior faculty fellow in the same residence hall 15 years later.

Pierce graduated from Purdue in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in computer information technology, and he’s been working at his alma mater ever since. In his day-to-day role as manager of telecommunications infrastructure design for Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), Pierce has few opportunities to interact and connect with students on campus.  A colleague recommended the Faculty Fellows program as an avenue for him to reconnect with students.

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New campus travel safety tips from new Purdue Police Chief Wiete.

The chief of police for the Purdue University Police Department (PUPD) is sharing travel tips for the West Lafayette campus. Chief Lesley Wiete started in her new role earlier this month, and she is reminding students, faculty, staff and visitors to put safety first while navigating streets, sidewalks and bicycle paths. Read the full press release by visiting the Purdue Today website in a new window here.

New Perspectives Two-Part Feature!:  Generations of Impact Through Student Organizations, Part Two.

The events and trends that define generations change, but there is one constant on Purdue University’s campus – a love for the university handed down from generation to generation, again and again. In this two-part series, we introduce you to two Boilermakers who have followed in their parent's footsteps while finding their own place on campus. In this edition, we meet the Szolwinski family.  Click here to read part two of Generations of Impact Through Student Organizations.

Purdue's Panhellenic Association recognized by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) for efforts in academic innovation, leadership, programming and marketing.

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), the largest advocacy and support organization for the women’s sorority experience, has announced Purdue as one of the recipients of the 2021-22 College Panhellenic Association Awards. Of the 51 eligible applicants, 36 College Panhellenic Associations were recognized for their accomplishments in Panhellenic operations and work to support the women’s-only sorority experience during 2021-22. See the full press release on the NPC website here.

Steps to Leaps to Host Discussions and Dialogues Series

The Steps to Leaps initiative will host six events as part of its Discussions and Dialogues series this fall.

Steps to Leaps is a collaborative, campus-wide effort to foster lifelong habits and promote student growth in the areas of well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit/persistence. Discussions and Dialogues will highlight departments, programs and people that have leveraged Steps to Leaps language and pillars to support students.

All Discussions and Dialogues will be held in Krach Leadership Center, Room 230, and will have an option to attend virtually. For more information about these events and virtual options, please visit the  Steps to Leaps events page (opens in new window).

Purdue Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Earns Podium Finishes in International Competition

In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to Boilermakers who are part of the Purdue Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) student organization, an organization who designs and builds custom race cars to compete against hundreds of other universities from around the world. In June 2022, the Purdue Formula team finished second overall at Michigan International Speedway, their best finish in 30 years!

Purdue to Host Weeks of Welcome

Purdue University will celebrate the beginning of the fall semester by highlighting the first five weeks of student events and programming by hosting "Purdue Weeks of Welcome." The events will introduce students to the vibrant extracurricular experiences generations of Boilermakers have come to enjoy. 

Students looking for a job, please attend our Student Life Student Job Fair!

Do you have or are you a student looking for a job? Come visit us at the Student Employment Job Fair on September 14 from 12-4:30 p.m. in the KRACH main lobby. We are recruiting for hourly positions for the fall semester with Purdue Dining & Culinary, University Residences, Hall of Music Productions, Recreation & Wellness, Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life and Student Life Marketing & Communications. Openings can be found on the Student Life Student Job Postings web page here.

New Perspectives Two-Part Feature!:  Generations of Impact Through Student Organizations, Part One    

In this two-part series, we introduce you to two Boilermakers who have followed in their parents’ footsteps while finding their own place on campus.

Ella Springer was raised a Boilermaker. As a result of her parents’ Purdue connections, she grew up hearing about the university and coming back to campus for basketball games...

Continue reading Generations of Impact Through Student Organizations, Part One here.

Book Commemorates History of Purdue's Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life Community 

A new book, "Pledge and Promise: Celebrating the Bond and Heritage of Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life at Purdue University," by author Angie Klink, is now available for purchase through Hall of Music Productions. The book commemorates the rich history of Purdue's fraternity, sorority and cooperative life organizations through stories and a rich collection of more than 250 photos. 

Perspectives Feature!: Student Legal Services Creating Opportunities for Students Interested in Law

Purdue Student Legal Services works to help students interested in studying law make valuable connections and gain practical knowledge as part of their summer law practicum. The practicum was held on June 21 and provided opportunities for students to meet with attorneys in a classroom setting and at a law firm, visit the Tippecanoe County Courthouse to meet with judges to observe trials and more. The practicum was open to any Purdue student interested in law.  Read more about this summer's law practicum in our article here.

Purdue to welcome new director of Purdue University Student Health Center

Purdue will welcome Dr. Brenda Masiga-Crowell as the new senior director of the Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH) beginning Friday (July 1).

Masiga-Crowell most recently served as the clinical operations leader at University of Alabama-Birmingham Student Health Services. Before joining the team at UAB and transitioning to a career in student health, she served as a clinical quality service specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Siteman Cancer Center) in St. Louis. She is the annual conference program planner for the American College Health Association, a nationally recognized organization of college health professionals, and previously chaired the organization’s nursing section. Masiga-Crowell is also a team member of the ACHA/Pfizer Vaccine Coverage Project. Read the full press release on the Purdue Today website here. 

Faculty and Staff Invited to Attend, Present at Boiler Share Symposium

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life invites faculty, staff, and graduate students to attend the fifth Boiler Share Symposium on July 21  from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the France A. Córdova Recreation Center (Co-Rec).

The Boiler Share Symposium is a professional development opportunity for Purdue faculty, staff, and graduate students to share expertise, collaborate and learn from each other by presenting and/or attending presentations. The goal of the symposium is to connect faculty, staff, and graduate students with local expertise. Presentations are expected to include topics such as personal and professional development, student well-being, health and wellness, technology, leveraging campus culture, resources, inclusion, crisis intervention trainings and more. Continue reading and register to attend or present (opens in new window).

Purdue Student Life, Athletics Partner in Creation of Purdue Parents & Families Club

The new Purdue Parents & Families Club — established through a partnership between Purdue Athletics and Purdue Student Life — offers more ways to engage parents, families and students.
This new membership opportunity will allow parents and families access to a variety of unique and exclusive Purdue experiences to help build a deeper connection to the university where their students reside. This new organization will also increase available resources to enhance the campus experience for more than 41,000 students each year. Read the full press release on the website here. 

Purdue's Exercise is Medicine on Campus Earns Gold Status from American College of Sports Medicine

Purdue University's chapter of Exericse is Medicine on Campus, a part of the Department of Health and Kinesiology, has earned gold-level status from the American College of Sports Medicine. This program promotes physical activity through various programming on campus and in the surrounding community. They also recently partnered with the Purdue University Student Health Center to help inform students no the value of living physically active lifestyles.  Continue reading about Exercise is Medicine on Campus (opens in new window).

Students Certified to Teach Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Trainings

Five Purdue students have become certified to offer QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training to their peers.  These students were trained as part of the Boiler Wellness Ambassadors program established by Purdue Student Government in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life as part of Mental Health Action Week. Click here to read more about these students and QPR Training.

Perspectives Feature!: Boiler League of Tag Offers Stress-Relief Games for Boilermakers

It’s a Friday night in the Purdue Armory and nerf darts are flying. Students run behind small, vinyl and pipe barriers, firing nerf blasters as classic rock blares over a portable speaker. A bystander might see the scene and think this might be a random night of fun organized by a residence hall club or a one-time stress relief event, but that is not the case.

This weekly gathering is a staple of Boiler League of Tag, a student organization that focuses on providing opportunities for Boilermakers to participate in organized games of dart tag.
Continue reading...

Steps to Leaps Announces Inaugural Award Winners

The Steps to Leaps steering committee recognized winners of the inaugural Steps to Leaps awards at the Steps to Leaps Summit, held March 9 at Beck Agricultural Center.

Read more about the winners and the awards on the Steps to Leaps website (opens in new window) .

New Perspectives Feature!:  Construction Ambassadors Provide Lift to New Home of Bands & Orchestras  

As Purdue Bands & Orchestras prepares to take its next giant leap into its new home, a team of band members is helping see its construction through to completion.   

Josh Fiore, a sophomore studying construction engineering and management, and Joey Martin, a junior studying civil engineering, are part of the Bands & Orchestras construction ambassador team for Hagle Hall, which will serve as the new home of the department. The ambassador team is composed of Bands & Orchestras members including Fiore, who plays baritone in four ensembles, and Martin, who plays mellophone and French horn in four ensembles. Read the full feature story here.

New Perspectives Feature!:  Steps to Leaps Students Organization Connects Boilermakers to Steps to Leaps Pillars  

More than two years after its implementation, Steps to Leaps continues to make a campus-wide impact – and a new student organization is helping Boilermakers connect further with program pillars.   

The Steps to Leaps Students organization was founded to create opportunities for students to participate in programs and activities to develop in each of the five Steps to Leaps pillars – impact, well-being, leadership and professional development, network building and grit. Membership activities include leadership development workshops, relaxation and well-being activities, alumni networking events, collaborative campus programs and more. The organization offers several officer positions for students seeking leadership roles.  Continue reading...

New Perspectives Feature!: Student Life Department Renamed to Honor Alumnus

In recognition of Roger C. Stewart, an alumnus who has dedicated decades of mentorship and support to Purdue students, the Leadership and Professional Development Initiative has been renamed the Roger C. Stewart Leadership and Professional Development Department (LPDD).

The naming of the department was approved by the Purdue University Board of Trustees at its meeting on October 1. The naming was officially dedicated at a reception in Krach Leadership Center on March 7. Colleagues were on hand to congratulate Stewart on the honor. Read the full feature story here.

Boiler Financial Track: A Resource for Students to Build Financial Wellness

Financial wellness might not be the first thing students think about when considering their well-being, but it is an important component of one’s overall wellness.

“Financial wellness means having a strong financial foundation,” says Junia McDole, program director of Boiler Financial Track. “It’s about having a plan for your money and not having stress associated with finances.”

Read the full "Boiler Financial Track: A Resource for Students to Build Financial Wellness" article here.

Student Support Services A Starting Point for Students Facing Challenges

When students face new challenges, they often have trouble identifying a plan of action to overcome them – and on a campus as large as Purdue University, locating the proper resource to address the problem can be intimidating.

Student Support Services, located in the Office of the Dean of Students, Room 207, Schleman Hall, is a resource students can use to take their first step in addressing academic, financial and social challenges. Student Support Services partners with students to identify goals and create plans of action to address issues such as class absences, academic and financial challenges, safety and well-being.

Read the full "Student Support Services A Starting Point for Students Facing Challenges" article here.

Richey named next director of Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) has announced that Juanita Richey has been hired as the director of the  Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE) . Richey has been serving as interim director since December 2021. To learn a bit more about Juanita and CARE, please read the full press release in Purdue Today here.  

Student Life Impact Awards Accepting Nominations

The Student Life Impact Awards have been established by the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life in order to honor, recognize, and engage exceptionally accomplished alumni and friends of Student Life at Purdue. Student Life is accepting nominations for four awards. Learn more and nominate here. 

We are now accepting nominations for the inaugural Steps to Leaps Awards!

The Steps to Leaps Awards have been established by the Steps to Leaps initiative to recognize and honor any Purdue student, staff or faculty member who exhibits exemplary integration of one or more Steps to Leaps pillars. To learn more or make a nomination, please visit our Steps to Leaps Awards page on the Steps to Leaps website here. 

Students Looking for a Job? 

Please join us for our STUDENT EMPLOYMENT JOB FAIR, February 2, 2022, 1-4:30 p.m. in the Krach Main Lobby! WE ARE  NOW HIRING for spring semester and currently recruiting for hourly positions.   Click here instructions on how to apply and to view our open job postings. 

Huffman, King Honored with Special Boilermaker Award

Susan Huffman, assistant direct of on-campus housing for University Residences, and Martia Brawner King, director of student involvement for Purdue Student Activities and Organizations (SAO), have been recognized with 2021 Special Boilermaker Awards. Please join us in congratulating them and read the full story here. 

Steps to Leaps continues to engage students and support their academic pursuits

The Steps to Leaps framework, created by students for students, continues to connect students to academic success, both inside and outside the classroom. The five learning pillars (well-being, leadership and professional development, impact, networks and grit) guide engagement of students in an active living and learning environment.

Read the full "Steps to Leaps continues to engage students and support their academic pursuits" article

Purdue begins 2021 Season of Sharing

Purdue University’s annual Season of Sharing has launched for 2021. The program partners with local nonprofits to provide gifts to children and families. These nonprofits include LTCH Homeless Services, Salvation Army, Mental Health America, and more. Ornaments corresponding to children can be found in the Krach Leadership Center. The unwrapped gifts should be brought to KRCH 336 or YONG 105 no later than December 10. In addition, ornaments can be viewed virtually through the link below and claimed by emailing Stephanie Knight.

Select an ornament virtually (opens in new tab).

Purdue's 2020 voter registration action plan selected best in the Big Ten for ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

Purdue University’s Voter Engagement Action Plan aimed at promoting student registration and turnout during the 2020 election was selected as the best among its Big Ten peers in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge.

The award for the Big Ten’s Best Action Plan, resulting in a 20-percentage point jump in student voter turnout to 67% in the 2020 election, was announced and presented to Purdue this week as part of several virtual ceremonies. Twelve of the 14 Big Ten universities submitted action plans designed to spur student registration and voting in 2020.

Read more about the Action Plan on Purdue News (opens in new tab).

Student Life ReEntry Pianos Becoming a Permanent Campus Feature 

The three free-play pianos will become a permanent installment on campus, as Student Life looks for ways to expand the program. The pianos were initially placed as a part of Student Life's ReEntry initiative in Fall 2020 and Student Life received an outpouring of positive feedback from students. Looking into the future, Student Life is hoping to create permanent indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to the pianos to enrich the residential experience and provide a safe acivity for students to engage in.

Read more about the Campus Pianos on Purdue Exponent (opens in new tab).

Community Spirit Award presented to Krista Hixson-Titlow

The 2021 Community Spirit Award from the Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (MaPSAC) and the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) was awarded to Krista Hixon-Titlow, associate director of capital projects for University Residences. This award is given to a Purdue employee who demonstrates dedication to civic participation and motivate others to integrate service into their lives. Hixon-Titlow is involved in the Almost Home Humane Society, Leadership Lafayette, and Theta Xi on Purdue University's campus.

Learn more about the Community Spirit Award on Purdue News (opens in new tab).

Purdue University Ranks #4 for Engagement

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education has ranked Purdue No. 4 for Engagement. Purdue has also ranked highly in other categories, marking the sixth consecutive year that Purdue has been among the nation’s best schools in The WSJ/THE rankings The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education rankings focus on four key pillars: 40% of the overall score is based on student outcomes, 30% from resources, 20% from engagement with students and 10% from the learning environment.

Learn more about Purdue's rankings on Purdue News (opens in new tab).

Welcome Back, Boilermakers!

Purdue Weeks of Welcome

Purdue celebrated the return to the residential campus experience this fall by highlighting the first six weeks of student events and programming through Homecoming. This collaborative effort included departments and areas from Student Life, Diversity and Inclusion, and Teaching and Learning as well as the expansive group of more than 1,000 recognized student organizations.

Known as “Purdue Weeks of Welcome,” the events kicked off a return to the vibrant extracurricular experiences generations of Boilermakers have come to enjoy. The culmination of "Purdue Weeks of Welcome" was the University’s celebration of Homecoming, Oct. 1-3.

Check out the collection of photos from some of the various events that took place across campus (opens in new tab).

An American Legacy with Boilermaker Roots

During the early stages of the American civil rights movement and well before the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, sisters Winifred and Frieda Parker were leading the effort to integrate student housing on Purdue’s campus and across Indiana. On Sunday (Oct. 3), the Parker sisters were honored for their courageous leadership with the dedication of two residence halls in their name on the Purdue University campus. Read the full article on the Parker sisters' legacy on Purdue News.

Three students honored with Purdue Homecoming Pillars of Excellency

Purdue on Saturday (Oct. 2) announced three recipients of the merit-based Homecoming Pillars of Excellency during halftime of the Homecoming football game against Minnesota. Read the full press release written by Purdue Today here. 

CAPS Seeks to Promote Community of Care

As the need for mental health services continues to grow on college campuses, Purdue Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is working to engage the community and provide access to mental health services for Boilermakers.

Read the full "CAPS Seeks to Promote Community of Care" article here.

The Leadership and Professional Development Inititiave has been renamed in honor of alumnus Roger C. Stewart

Purdue Student Life thanks Roger C. Stewart, an alumnus and former corporate executive whose retirement led him back to Purdue, for his decades of mentorship and support of student leadership programs. In recognition of his contributions, the Leadership and Professional Development Initiative has been renamed the Roger C. Stewart Leadership and Professional Development Department. Read the press release regarding the renaming in this special Board of Trustees edition of Purdue Today here.

Counseling and Psychological Services recently welcomed a new senior director

Hanes joins Purdue after serving as the director of Student Counseling Services at Iowa State University. Before his tenure at Iowa, Hanes held associate director positions at the student counseling centers of both the University of Cincinnati and University of Central Florida.

“Joining us from Iowa State University, a fellow land-grant university, Chris brings with him a wealth of experience in leadership, innovative practices and a holistic, student-centered approach to well-being,” says Katherine Sermersheim, associate vice provost and dean of students. 

Read the full article in Purdue Today.

Student Activities and Organizations seeking potential advisors

The Purdue Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) office is seeking faculty and staff who may be interested in serving as advisors for student organizations. SAO has created a database for faculty and staff to help students and potential advisors find an appropriate match. Individuals who are interested in learning more about serving as an advisor are encouraged to watch a short video and complete an advisor interest form.

Read the full article on Purdue Today.

Governor appoints new student trustee for Purdue; three trustees reappointed

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Monday (June 28) appointed the board’s new student member and reappointed three current trustees.

Mark Gee of Johnston, Iowa, was appointed to serve a two-year term as the board’s student trustee. Michael Berghoff, JoAnn Brouillette and Van essa Castagna were reappointed to serve three-year terms. All appointments are effective Thursday (July 1).

Gee is a Purdue graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in agricultural and biological engineering. He aspires to engineer sustainable biological systems through the development of plants and environmentally friendly technology. Gee was a Beering Scholar as an undergraduate student at Purdue, earning three bachelor’s degrees in biological engineering, biochemistry and agronomy in 2019.

Read the full article here.

Kappa Kappa Psi named Chapter Leadership Award Winner

Purdue Bands & Orchestras’ Gamma Pi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi has been announced as a Chapter Leadership Award winner by the National Council. This honor is in recognition of the chapter members’ hard work in service to the department during the past two years.

Nearly 80 chapters across the country were eligible for this award, and Purdue’s Gamma Pi chapter was selected as one of the most outstanding among the group. Chapter Leadership Award winners are finalists for the William A. Scroggs Founders trophy, the National Top Chapter Award, announced at the national convention on July 13-16. Members of Kappa Kappa Psi have played an integral role in the success of Purdue Bands & Orchestras for decades.

Read the full article here.

Melissa Gruver Awarded as Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion Recipient for 2021

Melissa (Mel) Gruver, associate director in the Civic Engagement & Leadership Development office at Purdue, awarded as the 2021 recipient of the Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion Award. She supervises a team of individuals committed to designing experiences for Purdue students to develop their leadership and civic identities. 

Read the full article here.

PUSH Receives Recognition for Quality of Care, Commitment to Improvement

Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH) recently received national recognition for its commitment to continuous improvement while maintaining high standards.

PUSH was honored with a Kershner QI Award, presented by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), which recognizes AAAHC-accredited organizations that successfully implement meaningful changes in their operations to boost quality of care, patient safety and overall efficiency. AAAHC is the leader in ambulatory health care accreditation with more than 6,100 organizations accredited.

Read the full article.

American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) bestows Lifetime Achievement Award to Dave Kucik, Director of Rowing for Purdue University

In honor of serving 26 years as head coach and director of rowing for Purdue University, Dave Kucik has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for fostering an environment that "doesn't just produces elite rowers who have competed at the World or Olympic level, but this program delivers to all Purdue college rowers the opportunity to be part of the Purdue Crew family legacy." Dave is also being recognized for his contributions to Competitive Collegiate Club Rowing as a part of this high honor. Click here to be taken to the row2k TM news website to read the full write up from the ACRA. 

MaPSAC Excellence Award honors Pacheco for leadership, resourcefulness

For Vanessa Pacheco, listening builds relationships, relationships deepen into reciprocity, and reciprocity enables her to succeed in projects such as the ACE Campus Food Pantry. And that pattern has brought her the 2021 MaPSAC Excellence Award.

The MaPSAC Excellence Award, given by the Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee, recognizes a full-time management or professional staff member. Congratulations to Vanessa Pacheco on this achievement and many thanks for her ongoing involvement with ACE Campus Food Pantry.

Read the full article on Purdue Today.

Honor Society Engages Campus Community, Welcomes Record-Setting Class

The Purdue chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma recently worked to thank and support staff of the university’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Honor society members filled and delivered 150 bags with drinks, snacks and other items as a thank-you to the staff who have worked to administer vaccines and help protect the Purdue community.

Read the full article.

Jack Calhoun receives Honorary Doctorate of Health and Human Sciences

Congratulations to Jack Calhoun, Student Life Advisory Council Chair, for receiving his Honorary Doctorate of Health and Human Sciences! During his time at Purdue University, Calhoun was president of the Purdue Student Union Board, chair of Iron Key, a member of Purdue's Varsity Glee Club, and more.  Watch President Mitch Daniels present Jack Calhoun with Honorary Doctorate on the Purdue Student Life YouTube here.

Congratulations to the Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH), winner of the 2020-21 Bernard A. Kershner Primary Care Award!

Purdue University’s Student Health Center (PUSH) is the recipient of the 2020-21 Bernard A. Kershner Primary Care Winner, awarded by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). The Bernard A. Kershner Primary Care Award recognizes AAAHC-accredited organizations that have exhibited improved quality of care, patient safety, and efficiency through quality improvement studies. PUSH is being awarded for their use of data analysis to identify the causes of immunization errors, and through improvements in staff communication and education, electronic medical records, and more. Read the full press release on the AAAHC website here.

Student Life Honors Impact Award Winners

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life has recognized four outstanding individuals as recipients of Student Life Impact Awards. The awards honor exceptionally accomplished alumni and friends of Student Life. Honorees were recognized during the virtual presentation of the 2021 Student Life Honors awards on April 29. Read the write up in Purdue Today here.

Congratulations to all of Student Life's Honors Award Recipients!

On April 29, 2021, Student Life announced our Honors Award recipients through a live virtual event hosted on our YouTube account. Among those recognized were Purdue's two outstanding seniors, who will also be recognized in the May 2021 commencement ceremonies. Read the full write up about the 2021 G.A. Ross and Flora Roberts awardees in Purdue Today here. To view the entire Student Life Honors Awards presentation and to join us in celebrating these incredible young individuals and their achievements, please visit our YouTube page here. 

Congratulations to freshman Jacob Peddycord and Harrison Hall's Cavalier Club, winners of the 64 th  Annual Purdue Grand Prix!

Peddycord finished the 160-lap race in 1 hour, 13 minutes to top a field of 32 drivers. Racing teams from Honors College and Residences placed third and 10 th  respectively, while Cary Racing qualified with the fifth best time. An outstanding effort by all of our hall club racing teams. Read the full write up in Purdue Today here.

Everyday Applications Series Offers Guidance On Steps to Leaps Pillars

The Steps to Leaps Everyday Applications Series continues to offer guidance and opportunities to discuss best practices on how to bolster student success through the use of a common language when interacting with students.

Read the full article

Purdue's Strengths-Based Approach to Thriving Students

Purdue University was recently featured in a Gallup article highlighting the holistic approach it takes in supporting student success through the Steps to Leaps learning pillars. The integration of these learning pillars — Well-Being, Leadership and Professional Development, Networks, Impact and Grit — into the student experience has earned Purdue a nomination for the Don Clifton Strengths for Students Award and has positioned the university to continue supporting students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We're trying to take a holistic approach, focusing on wellbeing overall -- body, brain, spirit," McCuskey explained.

Read the full article.

Mental Health Action Week - What is Mental Health Action Week?

Mental Health Action Week - Checking in on Your Friends

Mental Health Action Week - Your Guide to Self Care

Mental Health Action Week - How to Cope with Stress

Mental Health Action Week - Why MHAW?

Purdue Dining & Culinary director highlighted in Provosts web letter

Cara Powell,  director of Dining, Business Systems and Culinary for Purdue Dining & Culinary is featured in the Provosts web letter for February 2021. Learn a bit about Cara and ways her team converted their mode of service and continue to evolve to meet the needs of our students amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Read the full write up of her interview here. 


Refresh. Recreate. Reset. The time is yours to use Reading Day as you wish. Take advantage of a wide array of special offerings for the February 17, March 18, and April 13 Reading Days—and the late afternoons and evenings prior! Campus organizations of all sorts are supporting your rejuvenation with fun “grab and go” activities and food, movie breaks, restorative yoga and meditation, games, free-play piano hubs, and much more. For more information,  click here .

Steps to Leaps Announces Everyday Applications Series

Purdue’s Steps to Leaps Steering Committee invites faculty and staff to participate in sessions designed to foster the application of Steps to Leaps pillars in academic and social programs.

Read the full article.

Fall and Summer Student Employee Award Winners Announced!

Please join us in congratulating our most recent student employee award recipients. Visit this page for more information and to see our winners!

Thank You: Purdue Students Share Words of Gratitude for a Successful Fall Semester

Purdue University students thank members of Student Life and the Purdue community for all of the efforts to make their experience on campus during a time of COVID-19 a safe and fulfilling one.

New Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room open within Stewart Center

Student Life has announced the opening of the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room within Stewart Center.

The Purdue Student Union Board, Purdue Student Government, Purdue Graduate Student Government and other student organizations worked with Purdue Memorial Union to bring the concept to fruition. The space, located in Stewart Center, Room 213, accommodates students, faculty and staff who wish to participate in prayer, reflection and meditation activities that promote mental health on campus.  Read the full article in Purdue Today here.

Old Masters: 70 Years of Tradition in a New Format

Purdue Old Masters, an annual event that connects distinguished Purdue alumni with the student body, adapted with an innovative twist this year in response to challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new, virtual format allowed the event to continue its 70-year tradition of enriching traditions, uniting generations and empowering Boilermakers. Rather than traditional, in-person events, Old Masters engaged in interactive online platforms including personal host calls, virtual classroom talks and meetings with student organizations, concluding with a hybrid version of a discussion panel known as An Evening with Old Masters. The development of the Old Masters Podcast has created additional opportunities for enrichment beginning before and continuing beyond the event.

The Old Masters program dates to 1950, when a shared definition of success among students, business representatives and university officials sparked the idea to invite a group of 10 successful and outstanding individuals to campus to share ideas with the student body. This group became the first Old Masters. Over the past 70 years, more than 600 Old Masters have helped grow and enrich this Purdue tradition.

Read the full article.

Three students honored with Purdue Homecoming Pillars of Excellency

Purdue University on Saturday (Nov. 14) announced three recipients of the merit-based Homecoming Pillars of Excellency during halftime of the Homecoming football game against Northwestern.

The Purdue Student Union Board created the honor to recognize students who exemplify education and scholarship, service and leadership, and research and innovation. It is open to juniors and seniors, and each awardee received a $1,000 scholarship.

Read the full Purdue News article.

Hagle Hall, the new home of Bands and Orchestras, breaks ground

Marc and Sharon Hagle joined Purdue University officials on Thursday (Nov. 12) for the groundbreaking ceremony of   Marc and Sharon Hagle Hall, the new home of Purdue Bands & Orchestras.

Approved by the Purdue Board of Trustees in December 2019, the $20 million, 37,500-square-foot, four-story facility will be built at the southeast corner of Third and Russell streets. It will be along Third Street’s Student Success Corridor, which connects student residential areas with the campus’s academic center.

“This is a momentous day for Purdue Bands & Orchestras, its over a thousand current students and its more the 15,000 alumni around the world,” Purdue President Mitch Daniels said. “Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Marc and Sharon, as well as other donors to the project, our world-class program will have this wonderful new facility to develop and showcase its tremendous talents.”

Read the full Purdue News article.

ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere

Purdue University’s Office of Student Life is rolling out ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere, a plan to provide safe spaces for students to carry out campus activities with new and existing spaces on campus – all while abiding by the guidelines spelled out in the Protect Purdue Plan.

“We know that campus feels different this year,” says Todd Wetzel, assistant vice provost for student life. “And we know that our students are glad to be back and they’re taking the Protect Purdue Pledge seriously. We want to work just as hard alongside them to make it worth being on campus through providing safe ways to enjoy that residential student experience.”

“I think giving students that sense of normalcy is critical right now,” Beth McCuskey, vice provost for student life said. “Our goal is to give them the space they need to perform, practice and safely socialize so they can get as much of that full campus experience as they can.”

Read the full Purdue News article.

Purdue Places 3 Outdoor Pianos Around Campus

ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere, an initiative to create safe, socially distanced activities around campus, supported the placement of 3 pianos around campus. “It’s been wonderful to see our students embrace these immediately,” said Todd Wetzel, assistant vice provost for student life. “Throughout the day, you can now hear students creating music for their campus peers, and the range of repertoire has been wonderfully broad." Read the full article.

Outdoor Event Spaces Available for Student Gatherings

Registered student organizations will be able to host in-person events at locations designated by the Vice Provost for Student Life and in accordance with parameters outlined in the Protect Purdue plan. 

“ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere” allows students the option to reserve new and existing event, performance and activity spaces, all with smart social distancing strategies. Read more about ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere spaces here. 

Purdue Student Government Hosts Successful Student Leadership Summit

More than 280 Purdue students recently attended a virtual leadership summit hosted by Purdue Student Government (PSG) to prepare for the upcoming school year and discuss important issues affecting student leadership.

Read more about the summit and the opportunities that it provides for students.

Students Actualize Strengths Through Award-Winning Program

When 2020 graduates Jackie Christon and Emily Jones first took the Clifton Strengths for Students® assessment as incoming Boilermakers, neither were surprised by the results.

Boilermakers are introduced to Clifton Strengths for Students®, an online talent assessment that helps determine where a student’s leadership skills lie, in pre-arrival information and during orientation programs. The assessment identifies each student’s Top 5 Signature Themes from a list of 34 talents.

Read more about how students have learned to apply their strengths.

Student Workers Grow Professional, Personal Skills with Dining & Culinary

There are many different avenues to leadership positions with Purdue Dining & Culinary.  For Noor   Elmhadi , student human resources manager at Ford Dining Court,   the process started as  a mandate from her parents to replace her off-campus job with an on-campus position.  Townsend Lambert, a supervisor-in-training at Ford, initially applied to Dining & Culinary at the recommendation of a friend.

Read more about their stories and how Purdue Dining & Culinary helped to grow their skills.

Purdue Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life Members Receive National Honors

Three individuals associated with Purdue’s Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life community have received national recognition from the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC).

Brandon Cutler, associate dean of students for Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life (FSCL), has been honored with the Advisor Award of Distinction. The award recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to guiding and mentoring a chapter, council or community. Bill Miller, chapter advisor for Phi Gamma Delta, has also been awarded an Advisor Award of Distinction. Nathan Longo has been awarded one of nine Undergraduate Award of Distinction honors. The award recognizes fraternity men who embody the values of their fraternity in their development as both a leader and better man.

Read more about the awards and about Purdue's FSCL community. 

How Hall of Music Productions is adapting during pandemic

With the cancellation of university-sponsored on-campus convocations and conferences under the guidelines of Protect Purdue, Purdue’s Hall of Music Productions is adapting to continue to support Purdue’s campus and students. The unit regularly aids in producing over 1,300 events including concerts, theatre productions and seminars, as well as programming for Ross-Ade Stadium’s and Mackey Arena’s video screens.

“Our work is different, but we are still finding solutions for people to get their messages out and people to get their work done that they need to do,” says Dan Metro, senior associate director of Hall of Music Productions. “We’re just helping people out, trying to pull people together in different ways.”

The biggest change Hall of Music Productions has seen is transitioning all events and projects to being live-streamed or recorded video events. Only a small percentage of the unit’s work before the pandemic involved streaming the entirety of an event. Continue reading about how the Hall of Music is adapting to current needs in Purdue Today here. 

Purdue Offering New Course on the Science of Well-Being

Purdue University students will study the science and practice of well-being in a new course set to launch this fall.

Beyond Mental Health: The Science of Well-Being will provide a scientific and psychological account of well-being, including its definition, determinants and outcomes. The course is being taught by Dr. Louis Tay, William C. Byham Associate Professor in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences. Read more about the new course here. 

Convocations and Cornerstone: Performance Provides Opportunities for Innovative Teaching

At their heart, co-curricular partnerships are designed to extend the learning process beyond the classroom, giving students room to make new discoveries for themselves by allowing them to engage with their coursework from different angles.

Plunging students into an immersive, sensory experience is one way of providing access to those different angles, no matter the subject. Complementing course content with a live performance asks students to think critically both about what they saw, heard, and felt in that space, and also about how that experience connects with what they’ve discussed in class.   Continue reading about the partnership here.

Purdue Student Government to host Student Leadership Summit

Purdue Student Life organizations continue to adapt to provide opportunities for students to pursue leadership development experiences. Purdue Student Government has met this challenge with an upcoming leadership summit which will offer student leaders opportunities to prepare for the upcoming school year and discuss important issues affecting student leadership. Continue reading about the upcoming PSG summit here. 

Purdue Recognized as Don Clifton Strengths for Students Award Winner

Purdue University has been recognized as a 2020 Don Clifton Strengths for Students Award winner. Purdue was selected from a small number of finalists among the more than 1,000 schools which partner with Gallup on their strengths-based strategy. Read the announcement regarding Purdue's Student Award recognition here. 

Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts and the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life Announce “My Quarantine Story” Contest Winners

Cornerstone Liberal Arts and the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life have announced the winners of their “My Quarantine Story” contest. Students were prompted to reflect on the unique historical moment they are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic and connect their experiences with readings in SCLA 101 and 102 classes. Topics could include reflections on how students’ worlds have changed, how isolation has changed students’ vision of themselves and their futures and more. Show me the winners!

Live Theatre can Supplement Business Ethics Education, Study Says

Research completed by Purdue Convocations in partnership with Krannert School of Management suggests live theatre could be used as a teaching tool in business ethics education. Read more information about the study here.  

Perspectives Publication Highlight

A Student Abroad: Kristin Beese Learns Though International Experiences

Senior Kristin Beese has traveled the world as a result of learning opportunities created at Purdue.

Beese’s international educational experience includes traveling to perform in Costa Rica, studying abroad in Florence, Italy and holding an internship with Google at the YouTube office in Zurich, Switzerland. While Beese, a computer science major, was interested in travel and considered learning opportunities abroad as part of her decision to attend Purdue, it was the spring break trip to Costa Rica with the Purduettes in 2016 that ignited the passion that would make learning abroad a reality. Continue reading...

Virtual Hail Purdue - Purdue Bands & Orchestras

When bands and orchestra classes moved to online instruction, Purdue students still find a way to hail our old gold and black. Sing along and enjoy this virtual performance of Hail Purdue, featuring students from many of the various spring semester ensembles.

Co-Curricular Showcase: Partnership Between Physical Therapy and Athletic Training is One Small Step in Pain Relief

According to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic pain affects the well-being of more than 50 million adults across the United States. If we add the annual estimated 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries, 8.6 million athletic injuries and incalculable general injuries, we see a nation in a lot of pain.

Training students to ease this pain is a co-curricular partnership between Purdue's Athletic Training program and Purdue University Student Health Service (PUSH) Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapy (PT) Clinic, overseen by Director of Physical Therapy Jeff Stein (PT, ATC, DPT) and located in the CoRec Wellness Suite, serves as a clinical site for students enrolled in the Athletic Training program, an academic major in the Department of Health & Kinesiology. The partnership places students into the PT clinic where they work alongside an experienced team of doctors of physical therapy, contributing to every aspect of patient care. Read More...

University Residences Adapts through Online Opportunities

With the suspension of campus and admissions visits through at least May 2 due to concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, University Residences faces challenges in showcasing campus housing to prospective students and answering the questions of admitted students on their campus housing options. University Residences is rising to the challenge and adapting to bring an online experience to these students.  Read more...

Expanded Financial Assistance Available

Expanded emergency loan assistance is now available to Purdue students through the Office of the Dean of Students. Students will now be able to borrow up to $1,000 at a time with a cap of $2,000 per semester. Assistance is available for students who are currently registered at the West Lafayette campus and do not have any financial holds on their Purdue account. Read more...

PMO Incorporates New Technology

Purdue Musical Organizations is expanding music technology into its work with students. The initiative, known as iSing, equips students and directors with Apple iPads and several applications that can be used for group and individual musical instruction as well as performance. Read more...

Executive Program Celebrates

University Residences celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Executive-in-Residence program during Homecoming 2019. The keynote event of the anniversary weekend was a panel discussion featuring returning executives. This event brought more than 430 years of combined professional experience in front of students, faculty and staff on the Fowler Hall stage. Read more...