Check-in is Required In All Cases

All individuals holding H-1B, E-3, TN or O-1 status must complete a check-in each time a new approval is received from the government (Form I-797 approval if a USCIS petition was filed, or for initial TN or E-3 staus, following admission to the USA in new TN or E-3 status).

This applies to extensions and renewals also. 

Check-in is through MyISS. You should receive an email entitled "ACTION REQUIRED Online Checkin with ISS" shortly after the USCIS petition is approved or after your first arrival at Purdue in Tn or E-3 status. This email has the link to the online check-in questionnaire. If you cannot find this email please contact and we can resend it. 

Orientation is Required In All Cases

You also must attend a group orientation meeting within the three months following your approval or arrival at Purdue, whichever is later. This is a group meeting held once a month via webex. Register for the next Orientation Meeting