FAQs for P/NP COVID-19 Policy Change for Fall 2020 Semester

General questions

Do students need any approvals to drop any of their current courses for Fall 2020?

Any course drop request made through the last Friday of classes (December 4, 2020) will need approval from the student’s academic advisor. (How-to)

How can a student who wishes to withdraw completely from the semester and drop all courses do so?

Students wishing to withdraw completely from the semester by December 4, 2020, will need to complete the withdraw process outlined on the Dean of Students website.

What grade is a P for an undergraduate student?

Pass: a “C- or better“ is a pass. C- as determined by your instructor in the course syllabus. Not Pass (NP) would be D+, D, D- or F.

Student Note: consider this - a D- meets graduation requirements for many majors however would be a NP and would not meet graduation requirements.

What is an NP?

NP= Not Pass. This means that a student will receive no credit for the course and the course, if needed, will need to be repeated.

How do students request to take their course(s) Pass/Not-Pass?

A student will request this change in Scheduling Assistant. There is no approval by instructor or advisor needed. (How-to )

When students request P/NP grade mode option for their courses, do they need to select all classes or is the decision course by course?

Students can select P/NP grade mode for any or all of their courses.

How will future employers and universities know the university’s decision to allow P/NP grading for Fall 2020?

The following comment will be added to the transcript key as part of the Fall 2020 term information:

“For Fall 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic required significant changes to delivery of instruction. The deadline to elect a Pass/Not Pass grade also was extended to the end of the term.”

Can the decision to take a class P/NP be reversed?

No, once a student has elected P/NP, the choice cannot be reversed.

How will faculty know to submit a P/NP for a student that changed their grade mode?

Students electing for P/NP grade mode will reflect this on the faculty’s class roster. Faculty can submit the letter grade in Brightspace for all students and then when grades are pushed to Banner, the grade will automatically convert the letter grade to P/NP for the appropriate students based on the letter grades entered.

Will a student be dropped from the university for academic deficiency if a student is on academic probation during the fall 2020 semester?

Yes. All students will be subject to being dropped for academic deficiency from the university for reasons of academic standing at the end of the Fall 2020 semester, based on university regulations.

Will students be placed on probation this semester?

Yes. All students will be subject to be placed on academic probation at the end of the Fall 2020 semester, based on university regulations.

If students are on academic probation for the Fall 2020 semester and they choose to have at least one graded course for Fall 2020, will their overall and cumulative GPA be evaluated to return to academic good standing?

Yes, students who meet University Regulations to return to academic good standing will be returned to Academic Good Standing with their graded courses from Fall 2020. University Regulations

If a student is on academic probation for the Fall 2020 semester and they they elect to have all of their courses P/NP or do not receive GPA high enough to return to academic good standing, what will happen?

Students who are on academic probation for the Fall 2020 semester and do not have the GPA to return to academic good standing per the University Regulations will have their current status carry over to the Spring 2021 term. University Regulations

Can a student’s P satisfy a course requirement for their intended CODO to a new major?

Yes, a P will satisfy any course requirement for a student’s intended new major, even if the course has a specific grade requirement. Reminder: a P is a “C-“ or better.

Will a P count in a GPA requirement?

P/NP would not be calculated into ANY GPA (overall, cumulative, CODO, major, etc.).

Does a P/NP from Fall 2020 count towards a student’s 3 attempts in a course?

Both graded and P/NP courses taken in Fall 2020 DO count toward the maximum number of times a course can be repeated.

If a student is retaking a course this semester will a P replace their previous graded attempt and exclude the previous attempt from their GPA?

Courses repeated in Fall 2020 DO need to be taken in the same grade mode as a prior attempt. 

Will a NP exclude a previous graded attempt?

No. The most current attempt would NOT exclude the previous attempt. If a course taken as a repeat and not passed in the P/NP mode in Fall 2020, a NP will NOT replace a prior graded attempt.

Can a student who receives a P/NP in Fall 2020 retake the course in a future term for a grade?

No. Fall 2020 courses repeated in future terms DO need to be taken in the same grade mode. 

Will a W from Fall 2020 count in a student’s number of attempts for a course?

Yes. W, P/NP from Fall 2020 WILL count towards a student’s 3 attempts in a course.

If a student drops one or all courses by December 4, 2020, how will it be reflected on their transcript?

All courses dropped from the semester will show as W or WF on a transcript.

Will students' GI benefits be affected if they change any or all of their courses to P/NP?

Their GI Bill benefits will not be affected by changing their grade mode to P/NP.

If a student drops all of their classes, will they receive a tuition refund?

No. The student's refund past the 6th week of classes is 0%.

If a student elects for any or all of their courses to be in P/NP grade mode will their merit based aid be affected? Even if a student does not have a GPA for the Fall 2020 semester?

It depends. P/NP is acceptable for merit-based aid. However, P/NP would not be included in any GPA calculations. Therefore, if a student needs to improve their GPA to meet end of year scholarship check then that will need to be considered.

Will students receive foreign language credit back credit for completing their first language course with a P?

No. A P would grant students credit for the previous courses in foreign language. Example: if a student receives a P in SPAN 10200, they would NOT receive Department Credit for SPAN 10100.

If an undergraduate student is enrolled in a 500-/600-level courses, is a P still a “C-“?

Yes, an undergraduate student enrolled in 500-/600-level course a P is “C-“?

How will a course graded as P/NP count towards a student’s degree requirements?

Students must follow the degree requirements defined by their college.

What if student cannot drop a class because of a hold on their account?

The student or their advisor should contact the Bursar’s Office to temporarily lift the student’s hold so the student can drop a course.

Will a P count towards a student’s Honors College curriculum?

No, a P in an H grade mode course will NOT satisfy Honors College Curriculum for graduation.

Can an international student change any and all classes to P/NP?

P/NP are acceptable grades for international students. The grades will not impact their visa status.

Can an international student drop any and all classes in Fall 2020?

International undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours to maintain their visa status. Any questions please contact International Students and Scholars. Note: International undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours to maintain their visa status.

Will a P count as a pre-requisite for future consecutive classes?

Yes, a P in the Fall 2020 term will satisfy the pre-requisite requirement for courses unless the pre-requisite calls for a grade higher than C-. NP will not satisfy a pre-requisite.

The next course a student needs has a pre-requisite of a B- or better but a P is a C-, will that still satisfy the pre-requisite?

No, a P from Fall 2020 will NOT satisfy the pre-requisite. NP will not satisfy a pre-requisite.

Will students have the opportunity to be recognized by the Dean’s List or Semester Honors for Fall 2020?

Yes, the Dean’s List and Semester Honors will be calculated based on the graded courses on a student’s record for Fall 2020 and will still follow the University Regulations for hours included in a student’s GPA.

Will graduating seniors have the opportunity to be recognized that they have graduated with Distinction?

Yes, calculations for “Graduation with Distinction” will continue for graduating seniors. A P/NP would not be included in a student’s GPA.

If a student is enrolled in courses as part of a study abroad or exchange program, will students have the option to change the grade mode to P/NP?

Yes, a student can change the grade mode on a study abroad course through December 4, 2020 by 5 p.m. The student will need to follow Study Abroad course processes to make the change.

What if a student had planned to transfer a course from another college this semester and the college change to P/NP or S/U grading, will the credit be accepted at Purdue West Lafayette?

Yes. Any P/NP, S/U grade that is a indicated a C- or better from another college/school will be accepted as credit to Purdue West Lafayette from the Fall 2020 semester.

Will a P satisfy University Core Curriculum courses?

Yes, a P will satisfy graduation requirements for the University Core Curriculum.

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