Purdue University’s Definitions for HEA 1348-2013

Terms in accordance with Indiana State Law HEA 1348-2013

Italicized text is taken directly from HEA 1348-2013

15 to Finish

15 to Finish is a statewide campaign that encourages Indiana college students to complete 15 credits per semester. This campaign is sponsored by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education with support from the state's public colleges and universities.


For students receiving Indiana state financial aid a benchmark of 30 credits must be completed by the end of the first academic year, 60 credits by the end of the second academic year and 90 by the end of the third academic year in order for aid to continue to be awarded (see definition of academic year).

Degree Map

According to HEA 1348-2013 a Degree Map refers to a student reference developed by a state educational institution under guidelines developed by the commission under IC 21-12-14-1 that provides an academic term by academic term sequence of course options that will allow a full-time student to complete:

  1. a baccalaureate degree within four (4) academic years; or
  2. an associate degree within two (2) academic years;

in the student's intended field of study. The reference must specify the expected date that the student will earn a baccalaureate degree or an associate degree and the academic requirements that a student should complete each academic year to timely earn a degree.

Standard Degree Map

This is a template created for each major located in the "Plans" tab of myPurduePlan. The standard degree map is automatically loaded for each student by the Office of the Registrar prior to the student’s matriculation.

Customized Degree Map

This is the eight-semester plan wherein a student has modified the standard degree map to accommodate their current course progression to meet their specific degree requirements.

Extended Degree Map

This is when a customized degree map goes beyond four years or eight semesters. Additional semesters can be added by the student or the advisor to the customized degree map.

Up-to-date Degree Map

Students will use the Student Educational Planner (SEP) tool in myPurduePlan to update and maintain the most accurate degree map.

Free Course Guarantee

According to HEA 1348-2013 institutions will be required to provide, at no cost to the student, any course on a student’s Degree Map in which the student cannot enroll after exhausting many efforts as specified in the legislation (see Free Course Guarantee document for more specific requirements).

Initial Time Ticket (Priority Registration/Typical Registration - HEA 1348-2013 term)

This is the week during a student’s classification registration time ticket. This is also the only time when the Free Course Guarantee is available for students.

Open Registration (Late Registration – HEA 1348-2013 term)

This is the time period after the Initial Time Ticket and registration is open to all Purdue students, the Free Course Guarantee does not apply during this time.

Milestone/ Critical Course

At Purdue University a Critical Course is equivalent to a Milestone course. A Critical Course is a course foundational to the respective degree objective and deemed critical to further success in that degree objective. For example: prospective nursing students should know that they are expected to be proficient in courses like biology in order to be successful. These would be identified within myPurduePlan as Critical Courses for each degree program. Critical Courses are those that a student must be able to pass to persist and succeed in a particular major. Advisors should engage students unable to successfully complete these courses and provide guidance on the majors that may be more consistent with the student’s goals, interests, and strengths.

On-Time Completion/Expected on-time graduation date

At Purdue University this is considered to be four years after a student has matriculated to the University.

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