Registration Workflow

  • A daily e-mail digest is generated each morning and is sent to all approvers that have outstanding items in the Registration Workflow System that require attention.
  • Faculty started receiving these e-mails beginning Fall 2019 for drop and add changes.
  • Faculty also began receiving e-mail notifications when a student has requested a grade mode change via the system.

Reviewers will navigate to the Registration Workflow System portal via myPurdue.

The Registration Workflow System link will be available under the Tools channel on the Advising, Faculty and Banner tabs in myPurdue.  See below for a screen shot of the Faculty tab.

Special Registration Portal 

Once faculty have entered the Registration Workflow System, they will see the requests that require their attention.

During drop/add, there will be multiple approvals required in order to allow the student in or out of a course. The screen shot below provides an example of what an add request looks like that requires approval.

Approving an Add after week 1 for full term course - 

Approving an Add

Faculty will only see their actionable items, but for each item, they will see the other approvers needed in order for the request to be complete.

  • All of these actions are submitted in parallel, but the student will not be registered in the course until the final approver has approved the request.
  • If any one of the approvers denies the request, the student registration activity will not be processed, even if all others approve.

As different approvers take action, the other approvers will see this on each registration request. In the screen shot below, the list of approvers in green indicates that none of the approvers has taken action on the entry. Once an action is taken, the color scheme of each approver changes.

 Approvers No Action

  • Blue around the approver indicates the request was approved by the approver.
  • Green around the approver indicates the request is still awaiting an action (in progress).
  • Red around the approver indicates the request has been denied by the approver.

This will appear as shown below.  Notice the Bursar action is surrounded in red and that there are notes in the Comment History box indicating the request was denied.  All other historical entries will appear in this Comment History as well.

Request Denied

In the example above, the faculty member must still take action on the request if he/she wants to approve or deny it in order to finalize the full transaction.

  • If no action is taken, this request will continue to show in the list as needing action.

Special Note: Each action taken does have an undo feature so if the staff member that denied a request later decides to undo his/her denial and approve the request, the existing approvals of all other approvers will allow the student to get into the course if the action is reversed.

Withdraws after week 2

During weeks 2-4 faculty will not need to provide any response per university regulations. The faculty is also required to provide a W or WF grade along with the approval.

During weeks 5-9 faculty will notate if the student is passing or failing at the time of withdraw and advisor must approve.

The faculty experience is shown below. Faculty will navigate to the same tool in myPurdue as for the adds.  In this example, it is after week 5 of the term. The advisor must approve and the faculty must provide passing or not passing on this request.

Faculty Experience

Since this request also requires advisor approval, the advisor can log in and will see that the faculty has already completed his/her action for the drop. Both are needed in order for the drop to occur.

Action Already Completed

Once the advisor approves the request, the student will automatically be dropped from the course with the W or WF grade as assigned by the faculty.

Faculty with questions may contact Lesa Beals at or 494-6164 or her team at or 494-6165.

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