Purdue University Intramural Officials Association



The Purdue University Intramural Officials Association (PUIOA) is a student organization at Purdue that is dedicated to the success and advancement of intramural sports officials. Founded in 2007, the PUIOA's main role is securing officiating opportunities in the Greater Lafayette community including middle school, junior varsity, and varsity high school athletic events. The PUIOA registers all officials to be IHSAA certified in their respective sports, most officials work a combination of Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, or Softball.

Get Involved with the PUIOA

If you are a current Purdue student wishing to join the PUIOA, come to one of our callout meetings, or email imsports@purdue.edu for more information! PUIOA Membership is open to all students employed as intramural officials by Recreation & Wellness.

If you are an intramural sports staff alumni wishing to give back or get involved with the PUIOA and/or the Purdue Intramural Sports Program, email imsports@purdue.edu to connect with us. Examples might include: games to be assigned, connecting graduating officials to assignors in your area, or speaking at trainings/meetings about officiating topics.


PUIOA Hall of Fame

Each year, the PUIOA accepts at-large nominations for alumni of the Intramural Sports Staff to be inducted into the PUIOA Hall of Fame. These nominations are reviewed and voted upon by the current PUIOA Executive Board, Faculty/Staff Advisors, and Intramural Sports Professional Staff. These nominations are submitted for at least one of the following contributions:

  • Community Contributions
    • Nominees from this category officiated for Purdue University Intramural Sports and additionally have made contributions to the community through their accomplishments in their profession. Examples may include advancement within their profession, community outreach and impact, and/or awards and recognition through hard work, integrity, and character.
  • Intramural Contributions
    • Nominees for this category made a significant contribution to the Purdue University Intramural Sports program through their accomplishments in officiating or impact to officiating Intramural Sports. Examples of those accomplishments may include championship assignments, mentorship, End of Year Sport Award, Official of the Year selection, PUIOA involvement, and/or extramural success.
  • Officiating Contributions
    • Nominees from this category officiated for Purdue University Intramural Sports and additionally have made contributions to the officiating community through their accomplishments in officiating beyond Intramural Sports. Examples of those accomplishments may include advancement to collegiate or professional ranks, post-season selection, and/or association involvement.

2012 Inductees
  • Bryan Anslinger (Officiating)
  • Alex Drummond (Intramural)
  • Steve Howell (Intramural
  • David Pike (Community)
  • Pic Russel (Officiating)
  • James Williams (Intramural, Officiating)
2013 Inductees
  • James Eggiman (Intramural)
  • Carmen (Nigh) Hawk (Officiating)
  • Aaron Lint (Intramural)
2014 Inductees
  • Noah Franz (Intramural)
  • Billy Willis (Intramural)
2015 Inductees
  • Andrew Kiernan (Community)
  • Rachael Rayford (Officiating)
  • Clive Townsend (Intramural)
2016 Inductees
  • Brian Frankel
  • Steve Haynes (Intramural)
  • Carley VanOverberghe (Intramural)
2017 Inductees
  • Tyler Ford (Officiating, Intramural)
  • Dale Wagner (Intramural)
  • Brittany Winchester (Community)
2018 Inductees
  • Michelle Kuta (Community)
  • John Parry (Officiating)
  • Brian Smith (Intramural)
2019 Inductees
  • Mitch Brinkworth (Officiating)
  • Stacey Lee (Intramural)
  • Kristina (Reed) Massa (Intramural)
2021 Inductees
  • Connor Hartford (Intramural)
  • Tyler Sandmann (Officiating)
  • Michael Thanos (Intramural)
2022 Inductees
  • Clay Blackwell (Intramural)
  • Kevin Brown (Officiating)
  • Louis Kissinger (Intramural)
2023 Inductees
  • Robert Cusic (Community)
  • Sam Gloeckner (Officiating)
  • Kristen (Burger) Maynard (Intramural)